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Octonauts Above & Beyond | Deluxe Toy Vehicle & Figure | Panni & Terra Gup 2

  • 3+
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£14.99 GBP

Recreate your favorite Octonauts Above & Beyond Scenes and adventure with Paani and the Terra Gup 2. This Figure and Vehicle Set includes a detailed 2.8" Paani figure and Crocodile figure. Take the adventures Above and Beyond with the Terra Gup 2 and its spinning drill.

Place Paani inside, rotate the Terra Gup's shell over for protection and adventure anywhere as its drill spins around. Rescue the freshwater crocodile and place it in the back of the Terra Gup 2 to take it to safety. Every pack also has a Mission Card which reveals the type of Mission you need to complete.

All pieces work with other toy Octonauts playsets, figures & vehicles. Collect them all and build up the world of The Octonauts at home!

What's Inside:
  • 1x Accessory
  • 1x Mission Card
  • 1x Figure
  • 1x Vehicle