Mighty Beanz item 66547

Mighty Beanz™ Two Pack S2

  • 5+
Mighty Beanz are rolling out a whole new series! - Series 2 has arrived and there are new Beanz ready to come alive! What will you find in the Mighty Beanz™ 2 pack? Tear off the wrapper and find a collectable Beanz Container! There are 24 containers to collect! Inside each container you will find 2 Mighty Beanz™! There are 140 NEW Mighty Beanz™ to collect in Series 2. Look out for the new look finishes - Glow-in-the-Dark, Metallic and Frosty! Plus keep your eyes open for the Golden Ball Beanz and the Limited Edition Royal Beanz - Beanz fit for a King!
What’s Inside:
  • 2 x Mighty Beanz
  • 1 x Collector's Guide
  • 1 x Bean Pod


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