Treasure X is going small in a BIG way! Its Micro Sized meets Mega Adventures! Kids can discover a whole new world of adventure, mystery, and treasure hunting with NEW Micro Figures in Treasure X Lost Lands!


What are the characters made out of?

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The characters are made out of a PVC (all other characters) & TPR (Squeeze Dino) material.

Is this real gold?

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Yes. The gold dipped treasures have a real gold coating.

My child can't find the real gold treasures and is very upset.

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Real treasures are hard to find, which is part of what makes them special to add to the collection once found. However, we understand that acknowledging this does not make it any less disappointing for your child. Please know that our intent is not to disappoint or cause frustration. We love our Treasure X fans and are keen to ensure they have a positive experience. You will always find some type of treasure, and a chance to get real treasures.

Some of my characters are different colors to the collector's guide. Is there something wrong with them?

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There is nothing wrong with the characters, they are just a different shade to those seen in your collector’s guide. The colours can all vary slightly.