Explore the world of Little Live Pets! Discover pets that come to life – these pets move, act and sound like the real thing! These pets have never been more alive and real, ready to create magical moments with.


New from Little Live Pets, it’s Mama Surprise!

New from the wonderful world of Little Live Pets, it’s Surprise Chick!
With Surprise Chick, a Lil’ Chick will hatch out of their egg just like a real chick! There’s a Limited Edition Golden Chick to find too! Discover the Surprise Chick Playset! It’s the perfect place for all of the Lil’ Chicks to play!
Watch as the Lil’ Chicks hop around – these Lil’ Chicks love to chirp, hop & play all day!

  • Lil' Chicks Hatch & Hop About!

    Listen as the Lil' Chick taps, and the egg cracks. Lil' Chick will hatch out of it's egg and hop around on it's legs - just like a real chick!

  • Reacts To Your Touch!

    Pet the Lil' Chick and hear it chirp! They react to touch & the more they are pet, the happier it will become. They will even sing a sweet little tune!

  • Soft Flocked Skin

    These Lil' Chicks are so soft to touch. Their soft flocked skin is so smooth - just like a real chick!

  • Will You Find The Limited Edition Golden Chick?

    There is a Limited Edition Golden Chick to discover - Lil' Lucky Chick!

  • Repeat The Fun Again & Again!

    These Lil' Chicks will play again and again! The egg just clicks back together and the hatching process repeats!

  • Keep Your Lil' Chick Safe 'n' Sound!

    Surprise Chick Hatching House is the perfect place to play with all the Lil' Chicks! The Lil' Chicks will hatch & explore while hopping around!

  • Collect Them All!

    There are 5 more Surprise Chicks to collect across 2 assortments, all with a unique theme: Lil' Bubblegum Chick, Lil' Strawberry Chick, Lil' Angel Chick, Lil' Dream Chick & the Limited Edition Lil' Lucky Chick!

New from Little Live Pets, it’s Mama Surprise!

Mama Surprise takes caring for your pet to a whole new level. This soft, interactive Mama guinea pig comes with a deluxe, interactive hutch.

Care for Mama and when her heart glows, a baby is on the way!

  • Just Like a Real Pet

    Mama Surprise teaches children to care for and nurture their pet. Just like a real pet, you can look after your Mama guinea pig by feeding, grooming and patting her.

  • Feed Her

    Mama loves to snack on her delicious celery stick. Simply place it inside her mouth and listen as she makes cute feeding sounds.

  • Brush Her

    Mama has long, beautiful and silky fur. Keep her fur clean and tidy with her brush. Mama will make happy sounds as you brush her.

  • Mama's Heart Glows

    When Mama receives enough love and attention, her heart will start glowing and she’ll let out a melody to let you know that a baby is about to arrive.

  • When Will The Baby Arrive?

    When Mama’s heart starts glowing, she’s ready to be placed her inside the hutch. When Mama’s heart stops glowing and the hutch light turns off, a cute baby has arrived!

  • Discover 3 Surprise Babies!

    Mama will magically have one surprise baby at a time. There are 3 adorable babies & surprises to discover.

  • Style Each Baby

    Each adorable baby is delivered with its own special care package and surprise themed accessories, including rock ‘n’ roll, preppy and princess themed babies.

  • 20+ Sounds and Reactions

    Mama comes to life, just like a real guinea pig! Listen out for 20+ sounds and reactions as kids pat, feed, groom and interact with her in playful and nurturing ways.

New from Little Live Pets, it’s Squirkies – Little Live Pets first collectible range!

Squirkies come from a Squirkie world, full of fidget fun! Where all things click, flick, tangle and pop!– These fidget pets are so much fun to play with!

  • Cute Collectible Range!

    Squirkies are cute, collectible fidget pets - with over 30 Squirkies to collect across 3 different pack sizes. Squirkies! There are so many to collect and they are so much fidgety fun!

  • Adorable Fidget Sized Pets

    Each Squirkie is adorable. They all have the cutest faces. They can fidget anywhere!

  • More Than One Way To Fidget

    Pop! Twirl! Click! Flip! Twist! Tangle!
    Each Squirkie comes with 2 or more fidget points to play with. Pull their tongues, wiggle or spin their ears, twirl their eyes, even pop their bottom!

  • Will You Find The Ultra Rare Golden Monkey?

    There is a 1 in 3 chance in each mystery blind pack to find The Ultra Rare Golden Monkey! With it's shiny metallic gold body, it's a Squirkie that everyone will want!

  • Special Squirkies!

    Look out for the special Squirkies! The Ultra Rare Golden Monkey! The exclusive metallic Squirkies with amazing shiny bodies!The Special Glow in the Dark Squirkies! Collect them all!

It’s the Little Live Pets!
The Little Live Pets brand evokes wonderment, joy and attachment for children!
Explore the magical world of Little Live Pets!

There are so many magical pets to discover – turtles that swim and walk, birds that talk, hamsters that scurry about and more!

  • Lil’ Birds Repeat What You Say

    Discover cute Lil’ Birds that can record and playback what you say. They whistle and tweet, making over 20 different bird sounds!

  • Lil’ Dippers That Swim Around

    These Lil’ Dippers magically come to life and swim out of the bag! They like to be fed using the feeder. Full of color and personality.

  • Lil’ Turtles Can Walk and Swim

    Lil' Turtle can swim in water and walk on land using her flippers– like a real turtle! Each turtle is unique with a cool shell design that shows off their personality!

  • Cozy Dozys Are Always Ready For A Snooze

    Cozy Dozys love to be played with and tickled, afterwards they are always ready for a snooze. Petals loves bedtime stories, but often falls asleep before they finish!

  • Lil’ Hamsters That Scurry And Explore

    Lil' Hamsters’ favorite treat is easy to see- simply by looking at her cheeks! Each Lil' Hamster has fun and colorful design is inspired by her favorite treat.

New from the wonderful world of Little Live Pets, it’s Sunny, the Bright Light Chameleon!

Sunny is an interactive, light-up chameleon with 30+ sounds and emotions and so many colorful moods. This soft and squishy chameleon changes color and makes sounds to express their mood. When Sunny is feeling super happy, this vivid lizard will sing and glow with beautiful, rainbow lights!

  • Light Up Chameleon With So Many Moods

    Sunny is full of personality and has so many different moods. She lights up in light green and giggles when she's happy, she glows red when angry, glows blue and whimpers when sad, and so much more!

  • A Super Happy Chameleon That Sings

    Sunny loves to be happy! As your child plays and interacts with Sunny they go from happy to super happy! Listen to Sunny sing one of their super happy songs as they glow with rainbow lights!

  • Reacts To Touch

    Sunny loves it when your child pats their head. When they are hungry, feed Sunny by placing a pinky finger inside his mouth until they are full and does a funny burp. Sunny has soft and squishy skin that is fun to touch and hold. Stick and display Sunny anywhere with their sticky suction feet!

  • Sunny Talks & Chats Back

    Speak to Sunny in a calm and friendly voice and they'll give you a happy reply. But be careful - if your voice is too loud, it will surprise Sunny and they may get scared or angry! Sunny is an interactive Chameleon with over 30+ sounds and emotions, Sunny looks, acts and feels just like a real Chameleon!

  • Lights Up To Music In Party Mode

    Sunny lights up to music and sound in Party Mode! Play music and watch as Sunny lights up to the beat of the music, just like a colorful disco light!

From the endearing world of Little Live Pets, My Pet Pig is the cutest, wiggliest, and softest little pig that loves to go for a walk! ​

Piggly is a new pet pig that feels, moves and sounds just like a real baby pig! Piggly loves to nuzzle her squishy nose. Feed and play and dance with Piggly, then she’s ready for a fun walk!

  • Feeding My New Pet Pig​

    Piggly loves being fed with her feeding bottle. When Piggly is drinking, her nose will wiggle around, and she’ll make the cutest feeding sounds. When Piggly is full, she’ll let out a funny burp!

  • Piggly Has A Nose For Fun​

    Piggly has the cutest, wiggliest nose. Hold a hand up to Piggly's nose and watch her sniff it – too much sniffing and she might let out a funny sneeze! Piggy loves use her nose to nuzzle and give sweet kisses!

  • Super Soft & Jiggly Skin

    Piggly has super soft, smooth and stretchy skin, making her especially endearing to hug and to hold. Her large ears and tail jiggles around as she walks. Piggly moves and feels just like a real baby pig.

  • Walk Her With Her Leash​

    Piggly comes her very own walking leash. Simply attach her leash to her collar and let her take you for a fun walk! Piggly can walk on and off her leash. ​

  • Watch Piggly Jiggle & Dance​

    Press the button on her collar to switch to Dance Mode, then pat Piggly's back and watch her dance to her own music and tunes! She's so light on her trotters! She has more than 25 cute sounds and reactions to discover!