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About Moose Toys

At Moose Toys, we’re all about the Superhappy; the ‘WOW I love this’, the ‘OMG I can’t believe it!’ feeling that only toys can create. We put the extraordinary into everything we do, making award-winning toys so good, Moose is consistently called out as the most creative company in the industry.

Our best-selling Moose toys dominate collectibles, craft, dolls, games and youth electronics categories. We shook up the industry with Mighty Beanz and Shopkins – global hits of major proportions. These tiny little characters have made kids Superhappy all over the world and changed the way they think about playing. Not satisfied to stop at toys, we’ve also stretched ourselves into creating superduper content, entertainment and making epic worldwide licensing deals. We may be a family run business but we’re no small fry.

Our head office is in Melbourne, Australia (and has recently been named one of the coolest office spaces in Melbourne! Don’t believe us? Check it out here!) but we’ve got teams in LA, UK, France, Germany, China, and Hong Kong. Our 500+ strong team works in the most category-breaking excitement-inducing ways possible. We’re committed to working closely with communities and charities to give kids the chance to be kids and access the pure pleasure of play. Through collaboration, innovation, and adding our own kind of WOW, we can continue to spread the Superhappy all around the world.

Hold on to your hats and take a whirlwind tour of Moose Toys’ WOW worthy workspace! With more creative edges than a dodecahedron, you’ll soon discover why we’ve got a good rep for crazy innovation and Superhappy staff. Want to join the Moose team? Check out why we love working for Moose here!

Our story (so far!)

Check out our incredible story & just a few highlights of the aMOOSEing things that Moose Toys have achieved...

2020: Exciting new partnership with Youtube Channel, Collins Key

We are very excited to be named Global Master Toy Partner With Collins and Devan Key, Creators of the No. 1 Brand-Friendly YouTube Channel, Collins Key. Creating products that will provide fans with the tools to re-create the iconic challenges at home.

2019: We're announced as Global Toy Master Partner for an Aussie Favourite

As an Australian owned and run company, we were delighted to be named as Global Toy Master Partner for the hit ABC series, Bluey. With toys launching across Australia just in time for Christmas 2019, they were met with much excitement and demand.

2019: Moose adventures into preschool aisle, with the Kindi Kids

Moose introduced children around the world to these adorable bobblehead dolls and their wonderful world of Rainbow Kindi. As Moose's first adventure into the preschool aisle, these super cute dolls have fast become a household favourite.

2018: Moose Toys acquires Worlds Apart

With the acquisition of Worlds Apart, who going forward will be known as Moose Toys Ltd. UK. We gained one more office, a few more Moosies, and a whole bunch of fun new stuff to come.

2018: 500+ Moosies and counting

Our incredible 500+ strong team of Moosies are sprinkled all across the globe. You guessed it. We’re nowhere near finished growing yet!

2017: Manny enters the Hall of Fame

The Australian Toy Industry Hall of Fame is just as highly regarded and impressive as it sounds. We know, because Manny was inducted into it in 2017.

2016: Our first LA office opens

We may have set our roots down in Melbourne, but with the energy we have it was hard not to spread our wings further afield. So in 2016 we opened an office in LA, where it’s always supersunny!

2016: Manny crowned World Entrepreneur of the Year

We really think our Chairman is the best. Oh, does everyone say that? Well, we actually got confirmation when Manny won the EY Global Entrepreneur of the Year award. So yeah, he really is the best.

2016: TOTY's all around

Double trouble! We won our first ever Toy Of The Year for the Girls with Shopkins AND Jacqui won Inventor of the Year. Cue Oscars-worthy acceptance speeches and many high fives.

2015: Vendor of the year (x3)

Plus, we won Vendor of the Year in the US for Toys R Us, Target and Walmart. Watch out world!

2015: Mooseworld Melbourne opens

Our magical Melbourne HQ opened its doors. Our first purpose-built office was carefully designed to be just as creative, innovative and disruptive as the Moosies within it.

2014: The Shopkins phenomenon

A small but mighty Shopkins shaped idea was launched. Who knew our biggest success and the biggest girls collectable that’s ever launched would be so...tiny?

2013: Direct to the US of A

Masters of our own destiny, we powered our way into the US market to sell directly to the growing fan-base who loved our toys.

2012: Not just the little guys

Our Trash Pack was the 2012 global success that got the whole world interested in what us Moosies were up to next. Not bad for some little garbage guys.

2002: Collectible craze kick started

The first breakthrough launch that skyrocketed us to success – Mighty Beanz. Our funny face Beanz wobbled and rolled their way down a racetrack and became an irresistible collectibles craze.

2000: Manny and Moose

Manny Stul was looking for start-up opportunities and what can we say? He instinctively saw the potential in Moose. From the year 2000 he started to build and the only way was up!

Heads of our Moosie family

Learn a bit more about our inspiring leaders below, who are trailblazing the way at Moose Toys.


Executive Chairman / CEO / Co-Owner

Manny is the Moose-honest proof of what integrity, innovation, and ambition get you in business. He’s never been one to take life for granted and has been compelled to share his Superhappy success ever since.

Manny took the helm at Moose Toys in 2000 after previously founding Skansen Giftware. With his leadership, Moose has whizzed up to ranking as one of the top ten toy companies in the US and Australia in just 15 years.

Don’t just take our word for it. Manny earned the accolade of being Australian Entrepreneur of the Year in 2015 and then World Entrepreneur of the Year in 2016. He now sits on the other side of the interviewing table in his role as EY World Entrepreneur Chair of Judging Panel. 



Paul always has his eye on the next trend. He keeps this Moose on its toes… or hooves. Paul prepared for the fast-paced, trend based world of toys by starting his career in fashion. He joined Moose Toys in 2001 to head up our Sales and Marketing and has played an integral role in Moose’s stratospheric, super fast expansion.

Creative to his core, Paul is inspired by unique ideas. This kind of thinking gives him a knack for tapping into the next big play pattern before it’s even crossed other toy companies’ minds.

Click here to read more about Paul discussing the success of Moose Toys.


Co-Owner / Creative - Girls

Jacqui became a Moosie in 1999 and aren’t we superhappy she did? She’s kept us different, kept us disruptive and helped us stand out across the globe.

Jacqui’s talents aren’t just limited to coming up with the world’s biggest collectible crazes. She’s the inspiration behind some of our biggest craft trends and with her magic touch, our Little Live brand zoomed to dizzy heights.

Her incredible talents have impressed many an award panel too. In 2015, she won Inventor of the Year at the Women in Toys awards in New York. To read more about Jacqui’s 2015 win please click here.

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