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King’s Gold – Mystical Beast Pack

  • 5+
The search for Real Gold Dipped Treasure continues in Treasure X King's Gold - Mystical Beast Pack! Smash, Dig, Unwrap and discover each of the new reveal experiences including a new smash layer and reusable magic rock!Begin the quest by removing the lid of the tomb. Use the included tool to smash through the wood to the magic blue rock underneath. Then, dig through the rock, to discover a Mystical Beast figurine and treasure chest! Unwrap the beast and see which character you got inside! Was it the Shadow Dragon, Sea Serpent or Balrog? Prise the key from the beast's mouth and use it to open the chest and discover the treasure! In every pack there's a chance to find real gold dipped treasure! With 8 new Mystical Beasts to collect, there's a new unboxing adventure to be found in every pack!
What’s Inside:
  • 1 x Mystical Beast
  • 1 x Magic Rock Filled Vessel
  • 1 x Neck Chain
  • 1 x Tool
  • 1 x Key
  • 1 x Treasure
  • 1 x Treasure Chest
  • 1 x Trap(Critter)
  • 1 x Map / Collector's Guide
Recommended Retail Price

$14.99 USD

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