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Tom & Jerry Season 1 Basic Plush Buddies

  • 3+
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$7.99 USD

Everyone’s favorite cat and mouse team, Tom & Jerry, bring their classic rivalry to the big screen in the animated adventure set in New York City. Recreate some of your favorite scenes from the movie with these adorable plush versions of Tom & Jerry. These high quality plush toys are made with soft deluxe fabrics and have detailed stitching. Standing between 7-8" tall these cuddly plush figures bring the classic fun of Tom & Jerry for a new generation! As well as the Classic styled Tom & Jerry plush, there are also 2 Tom & Jerry plush designs based around scenes from their Warner Brothers movie - Music Conductor Tom and Bedtime Jerry! Bring home the fun of Tom & Jerry with these wonderful plush toys or take your cuddly Tom and Jerry plush with you anywhere you go.

What's inside:

  • 1 x Plush

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