Pikmi Pops item 75237

Giant Pikmi Flips

  • 5+
Introducing all new giant sized Pikmi Flips - giant, reversible plush that turn from a giant pom pom into a giant Pikmi in a flip!Each Giant Pikmi Flips pack includes 1 giant reversible plush, 1 small reversible scented plush*, 2 surprise messages*, 1 cord*, 8 surprise items, and a collector's guide.There are 3 cotton candy inspired Giant Pikmi Flips to collect: Cinnabun the Bunny, Kessie the Cat, and Eddie the Dog.*Pack may contain bonus small reversible scented plush, surprise message and cord.Full list of surprises include: Small badges, gel pens, temporary tattoo sheets, note books, and bag tags.
What’s Inside:
  • 1 x Giant Reversible Plush
  • 1 x Reversible Scented Plush*
  • 2 x Surprise Messages*
  • 8 x Surprise Items
  • 1 x Cord*
  • 1 x Collector's Guide
*Pack may contain bonus reversible scented plush, surprise message and cord.

$44.99 USD

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