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Six Second Scribbles

  • 8+
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Six Second Scribbles is a game where you "Draw, Decipher and Score"! Everyone plays at once in this fast-paced party game! You all have ONE minute to draw up to TEN things from your card. But not every doodle will do! To win points, your friends and family must be able to guess WHAT you drew. Whether you fancy yourself as an artist or can’t draw at all, Six Second Scribbles guarantees laughter, frenzy, and some very questionable art! ​This fast and fun game includes lists of over 1000 items to draw across over 100 categories! From "Easy", "Tricky" and "Almost Impossible" drawing suggestions to attempt. A great party game to play with friends and family for 2+ Players from ages 8 and up. Games are super fast paced and quick to play, usually lasting around 15 minutes, making SIX SECOND SCRIBBLES - The Fastest Drawing Game In The World (Probably)!


What's inside:

110 x Cards
8 x Pencils
1 x Notepad
1 x Instruction Sheet

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