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Doo Doo Kangaroo

  • 3+
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$19.99 USD

Doo Doo Kangaroo is a game of silly fun and action where kids feed the kooky kangaroo donuts until he does doo-doos! Then it becomes a game of fast skill and observation as they quickly try to grab the donuts but dodge the doo-doo! This fun party game is sure to make kids giggle as soon as they see Doo Doo Kangaroo sitting on his toilet waiting to be fed! Players take turns by spinning the spinner to see how many donuts to feed the kangaroo. When Doo Doo Kangaroo is full... Watch out, he's gotta go! He'll start to shake and shimmy all around the table causing donuts or doo-doos to fall out of his toilet! Race to pick up the donuts and place them on your plate but don't pick up the doo-doo! The first player with 5 donuts on their plate wins! This battery operated game is ideal for 2 to 4 players for children aged 3 and up.


What's included:

  • 1 x Doo-Doo Kangaroo
  • 18 x Donut Tokens
  • 4 x Donut Plates
  • 1 x Spinner
  • 1 x Instruction Manual


  • 3 x AA batteries

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