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Dixit Game

  • 8+
  • Game
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Dixit is a fun game of storytelling and bluffing using beautifully illustrated game cards! Unlock the tale with creative guesswork and move your rabbit along the scoreboard to win! In Dixit, players take turns to become a storyteller while others guess which one of the beautifully illustrated cards the storyteller is using. Guessing right is only half the battle - to really succeed, you'll have to get your friends to decide that your card tells the story!
Every turn, the storyteller will call out a short phrase or word or even a song to match the image on his or her card. Then each player will choose the card that most closely matches that phrase, and then everyone must guess which card the storyteller saw when he or she invented their brief tale. Correctly guess the storyteller's card, and you'll move ahead. Convince everyone else that your card is best, and you'll do even better! Dixit is a great social game for friends and family that will take you places where you'll will laugh your head off!

What's inside:

  • 84 x Dixit Cards
  • 8 x Voting Dials
  • 8 x Wooden Rabbit Pawns
  • 1 x Game Board
  • 1 x Rule Book
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