Magna-Tiles Metropolis 110 Piece Set

  • 3+
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Anything kids can dream, they can create with the Magna-Tiles® Metropolis 110-Piece Set!

Sure to spark hours of imaginative play, this set not only contains some of our most vivid colours yet, it also includes several unique pieces, allowing you and your children to build anything from a high-rise city skyline to a bustling colony in outer space. Whether windows or wheels, stairs or a spinner, imagination is limitless with the unstructured, creative playtime offered by the Magna-Tiles® Metropolis 110-Piece Set.


• 2 Large Squares
• 56 Small Squares
• 12 Equilateral Triangles
• 10 Isosceles Triangles
• 2 Wheeled Chassis
• 1 Door
• 1 Rectangle
• 2 Stairs
• 4 Quarter Circles
• 1 Spinner
• 6 Windows
• 1 Arch