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Magna-Tiles House 28 Piece Set

  • 3+
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From a furnished living room to an exciting exterior, our imagination-inspiring Magna-Tiles® House 28-Piece Set includes everything kids need to build their own miniature home—whatever their style!
In addition to an array of magnetic tiles, this set also includes a unique, reusable sticker sheet with over 20 different home-related images. Turn an equilateral triangle into a lamp, or a square into a sofa, and bring a whole new world of imagination to life!


• 3 isosceles triangles
• 6 small squares
• 6 equilateral triangles
• 4 right triangles
• 2 rectangles
• 2 “C” shapes
• 2 “T” shapes
• 2 sets of stairs
• 1 door
• 1 reusable sticker sheet with 20 home-related images