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Magna-Tiles Arctic Animals 25-Piece Set

  • 3+
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Journey into ice-covered waters with the Magna-Tiles Arctic Animals 25-Piece Set! Brave, little explorers can follow the footprints of penguins and polar bears through this frozen habitat, chill out with the seals by the shore and go on a whale watching adventure. Whether indoors or outdoors, little explorers can let their curiosity lead the way, as they follow the footprints of each adorable arctic animal through this ocean colored habitat. Join us, as we bring imaginative play to life with the Arctic Animals from the Magna-Tiles Animal Collection.


  • 5 Arctic Figurines: Penguin, Seal, Baby Polar Bear, Polar Bear and Whale
  • 8 Squares (3×3 inch)
  • 4 Isosceles Triangles
  • 4 Equilateral Triangles
  • 4 Quarter Circles