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Scented Baby Sister – Pastel Sweets

  • 3+
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$15.99 USD

There are now more cute little sisters for you to meet! Kindi Kids Scented Sisters! That's right, more of your favorite Kindi Kids now have baby sisters.

Say hello to Pastel Sweets. She is Candy Sweets little sister! Pastel Sweets can't sit still! She's always bouncing around looking for fun, because when you're hanging with Pastel - playtime is never done! With adorable matching themes to her older sibling, this sweet little girl is scented! Squeeze Pastel Sweets' tummy and she will blow you a Pastel Sweets kiss! Just like bigger Kindi kids, she has big glittery eyes. Candy Sweets just loves being held and played with. You wont be able to stop squeezing her chubby, squishy arms and legs as she wobbles and bobbles like a real little baby!

This scented baby sister has a removeable Diaper, Pacifier and Bib for extra fun play. There is also another cute little Scented Sister to collect - Fifi Flutters. Collect them all! Yay! Let's Play!


What's Inside:
  • 1 x Baby Doll
  • 2 x Accessories

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