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Kindi Kids Party Pets Kitty Mello

  • 3+
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$9.99 USD

Meet Kitty Mello. Kind Kids - Marsha Mello and Mini Mello's cute new Party Pet! It's Pet Play Day at Rainbow Kindi and these Kindi Kids are so excited for you to meet their new pet fur bestie!

Kitty Mello is a cute little Kitten who loves to be groomed and pampered. Stroke Kitty Mello along the top of her head with her brush and watch as she closes her eyes! With pastel rainbow hair and a rainbow tail, Kitty Mello makes the perfect pet for Marsha and Mini Mello.

Look out for the other two Party Pets - Troppi Koala and CuppiPuppi. Collect them all! Yay!

Let's Play with all the Kindi Kid's Party Pets!

  • 1 x Pet Doll
  • 1 x Accessory