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Kindi Kids Dress Up Magic Tropicarla Mermaid face paint Reveal Doll

  • 5+
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$22.99 USD

Dress Up Magic Tropicarla Mermaid loves to play dress up and has a magical face paint reveal! Tropicarla has transformed into a sparkling tropical mermaid. She looks so cute in her pretty floral top and sparkling mermaid tail dress with matching floral hair tie!

Her little matching sandals complete the look! Tropicarla has something magical to show you. She comes with a special pineapple Shopkin sponge. When you dip her Shopkin into ice-cold water and wipe it across Tropicarla's forehead, it reveals her beautiful face paint!

Like all her other Kindi Kids friends at Rainbow Kindi, Tropicarla has big glittery eyes and bright colorful hair that matches her outfit. Tropicarla's clothes are changeable and her sandals can be easily removed by little hands. Tropicarla is the big sister to Tulla Tropics. Together they make the perfect play friends. There are four new Dress Up Magic Kindi Kids toddler Dolls to collect.

Each with matching themes to their little Kindi Kids sisters! As well as Tropicarla Mermaid, look out for her other best friends, Jessicake Fairy, Angelina Wings Angel and Marsha Mello Unicorn! Girls are going to love imagining new adventures with these cute and colorful toy Dolls.

Yay! Let's Play... Dress Up Magic!

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