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Kindi Kids Dress Up Magic Baby Sister Mimi Mint Pixie face paint Reveal Doll

  • 3+
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$15.99 USD

With her magic face paint and cute costume, nobody loves a party more than the Dress Up Magic Baby Sister Mimi-Mint Pixie! Mimi-Mint Pixie is the adorable baby sister of the Kindi Kids Toddler Doll Peppa-Mint. Kids can use Mimi-Mint's cute Shopkin cupcake sponge to magically reveal her beautiful face paint!

Simply dip it in ice-cold water and wipe the sponge over her forehead. Mimi-Mint Pixie has big glittery eyes, colored hair and an ice-cream hairclip just like her big sister! She loves being held and played with. Your child won't be able to stop squeezing her chubby, squishy arms and legs while they play with her! Mimi-Mint Pixie's dress and diaper can easily be changed. She also comes with a pacifier that fits into her mouth.

There are four Dress Up Magic Baby Sisters to collect. Each with matching themes to their bigger Kindi Kids sisters! As well as Mimi-Mint Pixie, look out for her other friends, Patticake - Baby sister to Jessicake, Tulla Tropics Mermaid - Baby sister to Tropicarla and Mini Mello Unicorn - Baby sister to Marsha Mello! Kids are going to love imagining new adventures with these cute and colorful toy Dolls.

Yay! Let's Play... Dress Up Magic!

What's Inside:
  • 1 x Baby Doll
  • 2 x Accessories