Kindi Kids item 50033

Fun Lunch Box

  • 5+
Recommended Retail Price

$9.99 USD

Hi! I'm the Kindi Kids™ Fun Puppy Petkin Lunch Box! Pack me up with fun filled Shopkins so that I'm ready to go play at the Rainbow Kindi with the Kindi Kids™! I'm just the right size to play with any of the Kindi Kids™ friends – I fit neatly into their hands!

Joining me for lunch at the Rainbow Kindi are 3 yummy, exclusive Shopkins. The Stacks of Fun Sandwich has tasty looking fillings and is great to put together. See the Kindi Kids™ eat the Fruit Cup treat!

The Magic Spoon and cute Fruit Cup love spending time together. Pull the Shopkin Spoon out of the Fruit Cup, push it up to a Kindi Kid's mouth and watch as your Kindi Kid appears to eat the fruit! You can fit all 3 Shopkins inside of me so Kindi Kids™ can take me to Rainbow Kindi.


What's Inside:
  • 1 x Lunch Box
  • 1 x Stackable Sandwich
  • 1 x Magic Spoon
  • 1 x Fruit Cup