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Collins Key: Mystery Box Figure Challenge

  • 6+
Who and what will you find in the Collins Key Mystery Box Figure Challenge? Open up the plug on the side of your Mystery Box and use the "Hoot Dini" Tool to poke a hole through the mysterious film. Then feel around inside the Box with your finger! Can you guess what Figure and Key Compound is inside? Open the top of the Box to reveal the figure and Key Compound. Check out the included Collector's Guide and check off whether you guessed correctly or not. Collect all 23 figures including Uncommon, Ultra Rare and Limited Editions to find! Plus discover 6 epic unique Key Compounds inside! There are also different types of Mystery Boxes to collect!

What's Inside?
  • 1 x Mystery Box
  • 1 x Key Compound
  • 1 - 1.75” x Collins Key Figure
  • 1 x Collector Guide
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$4.99 USD

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