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Collins Key: Deluxe Fake Food Challenge

  • 6+
Take on the Collins Key Deluxe Fake Food Challenge! But you won't know what you're going to have to make until you open the serving platter! Inside is everything #Keyper Squad Fans need to complete a fake food challenge. Includes toy tools and molds, 3 to 5 different Key Compounds and Rad-Adds, and instructions on making the perfect challenge. Use the tools and Key Compounds to create awesome fake foods. Then spin the spinner to reveal who did it the messiest, grossest or prettiest? There are 15 possible food challenges to make! From burgers, desserts, sweet treats, pizza and more!

What's Inside?
  • 1 x Cloche
  • 4 x Compound
  • 1 x Cutting Board
  • 1 x Plate
  • 3 x Tools
Recommended Retail Price

$9.99 USD

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