Spring Into Action With Akedo - Ultimate Arcade Warriors Collectibles

Our latest release, Akedo – Ultimate Arcade Warriors, packs a punch. These retro arcade-style
fighters bring the on-screen action IRL, with a one-on-one battle of skill and strategy. Each warrior is
placed into their own battle controller and delivers a series of strikes until you land the final knockout move – a Split Strike that shatters the defeated opponent in half.
With 39 unique warriors to choose from – including ninjas, robots, gladiators, Vikings, teddy bears,
dinosaurs, clowns and more, all with different moves and weapons – you’ll be fighting to collect
them all.
Ready to take your battle to the next level? The Ultimate Battle Arena is your fighting stage with 35
real battle sound effects, 2 arena backgrounds to choose from and a scoreboard to track your very
own Akedo tournament. There’s also a training mode for practice in-between bouts.
This knockout launch was brought to life in partnership with Nickelodeon who debuted The Akedo
Super Ultimate Ultimate Tournament on their YouTube channel, featuring an “as live” bracket style
competition between super-influencers battling for the title of Ultimate Akedo Champion.
Want more? Superfans can also watch the Akedo world come to life with the action-packed
animated series on Amazon Prime. Another smash-hit for action lovers.
Akedo – Ultimate Arcade Warriors are available online and nationwide now.