Sold out! Collectibles, surprise packs, more holiday toys parents are scrambling for

Every parent has been there — your kid is excited about the season’s “it” toy, instantly puts it on his/her wish list and eagerly awaits the holiday. And then just like that, the toy is sold out (or nearly sold out), sometimes just as it hits the store shelves.

When you try to prepare them for the disappointment, they often respond: “Don’t worry, Santa will bring it.” Well, here are some toys even the big guy is going to have a hard time getting his hands on this holiday season.

“Getting the hottest holiday toys can sometimes be a challenge, especially with some of the most popular items already selling out,” said Laurie Schacht, chief toy officer for the Toy Insider.

“Surprise reveal toys, interactive pets and toys based on favorite movies and TV shows will most definitely be flying off the shelves.”

So, don’t panic — yet! Retailers are restocking on a daily basis. Even if you don’t see a great sale, you might grab them while you can.