Ka-pow! Moose wins Action Figure of the Year!

Houston, we have a winner! Treasure X Aliens invaded the 2019 Australian Toy Awards winning the top prize for Action Figure of the Year.

We tossed the rule book into the abyss when we made our super disruptive Treasure X toys. Treasure X Aliens were no different and quickly grew a cult, global following from kids wanting a sublimely slimy WOW moment.

You’ll have to watch this space for the Aussie launch. They’re landing in toy stores across the country in June 2019 then popping up in stores all over the world.

“We’re excited and honoured to walk away with a Toy of the Year win in the action figure category – a brand new category for us!” said our Global PR and Partnerships Manager, Eva.

“It’s a real testament to the team who’ve worked hard diversifying our portfolio, and we just know that fans all over the world are going to love this toy,” she added.


Moose knows only too well that the WOW moment starts as soon as a kid gets to open a toy. We challenged ourselves to push boundaries and make the unboxing moment as mind-bending and outside the square as possible. Things get squishy and slimy straight away as kids dissect the alien to save the Treasure Hunter inside. Armed with just a pair of tweezers, it’s a tricky, sticky situation! No wonder it won Parents Magazine’s award for Best Unboxing Experience at the New York Toy Fair too.

There are 18 treasure hunters to collect and swap, plus a Real Gem treasure in every pack. Some of these have even been found in real meteorites. A gem from actual outer space is definitely what we call out-of-this-world kinda cool!