Hottest Toy for the Holidays – Magic Mixies

In super awesome news, our interactive Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron has become the most successful launch in Moose Toys’ history. The first-of-its-kind interactive toy has been designed to ignite imaginations by putting real magic into kids’ hands

The cauldron comes with a spell book and everything else needed to mix a potion to create an interactive magical Mixie pet. Kids add water and are prompted by the cauldron to add a variety of mystical ingredients that foam, bubble and help create the Mixie, including sparkle for its eyes and a magic feather to give it wings. After all the ingredients are mixed into the potion, tap and wave the magic wand, say the magic words, MAGICUS MIXUS, and POOF! An enchanting mist rises above the cauldron then clears to reveal a – completely dry – Mixie creature that makes adorable sounds, lights up and interacts with the wand to help create endless spells. After revealing the Mixie, kids can continue the magic by making their own potions and recreate the mist with additional modes of play.

“The worldwide excitement surrounding Magic Mixies has been extraordinary,” says Paul Solomon, co-owner, Moose Toys. “Sales have far exceeded what we imagined. While we expect Magic Mixies to be available during the holiday selling season, given the velocity in preorder and early sales, we expect a complete sell-out.”