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Moose Toys Partners With Circonomy To Give Old Toys A New Life

The Australia-based circular economy accelerator programme, Circonomy has partnered with Moose Toys to enable residents in the north of Melbourne to find sustainable solutions for their pre-loved and unwanted toys. Together, the pair has launched More Joy, Less Waste, a pilot activation being held at the Northland Shopping Centre in Melbourne, Australia. The campaign encourages families to bring in toys they may have outgrown, are no longer working, or would just like to re-gift.

These toys will then be sorted through to understand which items may be suitable for donation, safely repaired, or recycled. The idea is to avoid all unnecessary materials ending up in landfill. Under the Re-gift platform, any ‘new’ toys still in their boxes will be donated through Moose Toys’ Foundation to children in need. The team will refurbish any toys that can be easily repaired to safe working condition before rehoming to a new owner.

Toys that need to retire will be recycled and remanufactured into other products, and ’used’ toys that are safe for reuse will find a new home through either resale or donation. The pilot activation will come to close on 9th April this year…

“At Moose, we’re setting an ambitious agenda to become the most responsible and sustainable toy company we can be,” said Paul Solomon, Moose Toys’ CEO. “We acknowledge how critical this commitment is in protecting our planet and ensuring we can continue to make kids around the world super happy now and into the future.”

Read the full article here: https://www.productsofchange.com/news-article/moose-toys-partners-with-circonomy-to-give-old-toys-a-new-life/

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*Text from Products of Change | Tue 14 Mar 2023 | by Rob Hutchins | https://www.productsofchange.com/news-article/moose-toys-partners-with-circonomy-to-give-old-toys-a-new-life/