A Great Place to Work - We sure think so!

Moose Toys is a Great Place to Work! We aim for tip-top in absolutely everything we do, so when we heard about the Great Place to Work study, our need-to-succeed kicked in with a vengeance. Highly reputed, it’s one of the world’s most thorough studies into workplace culture.  For us, it’s a no-brainer. Without WOW worthy ideas, we wouldn’t have Superhappy kids across the world.  But creative juices and commitment to the cause only come from happy employees.

If we want to be one of the best workplaces in Australia and tempt even more talented people to come and work under our roof, who better to ask than the Moosies who work here?

The results are in. 89% of employees consider Moose to be a Great Place to Work, giving us a rating of ‘highly engaged’. The Great Place to Work’s separate assessment also gave us their stamp of recognition, certification, and approval. Big thumbs up and many high fives.

Our special strengths are the high levels of team camaraderie,  a fun, family feel and pride in the company (aw, shucks you guys!).

Better yet, our results only keep improving year-on-year. Considering how much growth, change, and development our Superhappy mission has taken us on so far, we’re pretty chuffed with that.

The Great Place To Work survey is firmly entrenched as an annual event in our company calendar. With a growing team of over 400, it’s the best, most impartial way to gain invaluable insights into how our Moosies feel. Using the in-depth analysis, we’re determined to continue crafting a culture that’s more incredible than ever.

The survey is so much more than just a beauty pageant. It’s a win-win in our eyes to help us secure stratospheric business success fuelled by Superhappy employees.