Why become a Moosie

How much time do you have? It’s like being asked your favorite movie quotes. We’d be here all day if we told you everything, so here are just a few of the things that make us Superhappy being a Moosie at Moose Toys.

  • Guest Speakers

    Every person is a puzzle made from pieces of inspiration they’ve learned and loved. We invite the most zany, outlandish, interesting and influential folk to get our Moosie creative juices flowing.

  • Organic Veggie Garden

    Ok we’ll admit it. We weren’t always the biggest fan of veges. But now we can’t get enough of those scrumptiousmoose goodies. We’re a bunch of green-fingered Moosies with the bounty to prove it.

  • Dynamic Workspace

    The inside of a Moosie’s brain looks like a unicorn hosting a rainbow surprise party. Moose HQ is just as creative. We’ve got a beanstalk, a treehouse and we make calls to overseas from the cockpit of a giant replica plane.

  • Gym

    Us Moosies are full of beans! We power through each workday with energy to spare. Our brains are super speedy so we try and run just as fast. We’ve got an affinity with endorphins. Those guys make people feel Superhappy too!

  • Training and Development

    We’re generous with our time and resources. There’s no such thing as a silly question. Every Moosie has megamoose potential in our eyes so we’re devoted to doing everything we can to get them where they’re destined to be.

  • Dog Days

    Didn’t you know they’re a Moose’s best friend too? We love having our four-legged mates around (plus cats and rabbits)! When we shake on a big business deal, we’re wishing we could shake paws with a dog too.

  • Employee of the Year

    Every single one of our Moosies is extraordinary but we do shout out when someone’s been extra-extraordinary. Our Employee of the Year is crowned in a super special ceremony then jetsets away on a holiday of their choice!

  • Global Footprint

    Moose HQ is in Melbourne - home of coffee, culture and green space for our imaginations to run wild! Look out for our offices in LA, Vietnam, the UK and Hong Kong too. Together we share the Superhappy with over 100 countries (and counting)!

  • Yoga

    Ohhhhmm-my-gosh do Moosies love to stretch out. We swear we grow about 5 inches taller after every session! To be honest we also love taking a sneaky power-nap at the end too.

  • Team Celebrations

    If it means something to you, it means a lot to us. We’re here to support you, share in your success and all the wins of life. And yes, we’re an absolute sucker for birthday cake.


What our team has to say that might make you want to become a Moosie!!

Celebrating the Wins

"At Moose, we celebrate the big wins, but also the small wins, and all the birthdays in between! It’s a great way to get teams together and also pause for perspective in a fast-paced environment." - Yvette

Organic Veggie Garden

"The Organic Veggie Garden, is like a dream, a really healthy dream … Every day at lunch time we all get to add some extra goodness to our lunch with some fresh greens and seasonal vegetables. Being out there harvesting your own salad is really relaxing, and we also get to eat our lunch next to it on our outdoors tables."
– Jorge

School Holiday Program

"My son & I both love the school holiday program at Moose, we get to drive to and from work together, and I don’t have to worry about arranging additional school holiday programs. He’s made so many new friends through the program that he now looks forward to seeing them all at the end of each term." – Bec

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Guest speakers

"It is awesome to be challenged and engaged with a continuous stream of internal and external speakers from every walk of life. You can leave a room with everyone crying or inspired to change the world. You never know." – Dave

Global Footprint

"I love that our mini-Moose offices globally permeate our Australian culture; from branded meetings rooms, including The Dingo and Tassie Devil, to top-notch coffee machines that keep us going; to Aussie jargon incessantly used in meetings including “G’day”, to a WOW team that’s brimming with hardworking, supportive and passionate people!" – Tamara


"The gym facilities are great, and to have Moose offer circuit training classes 3 times a week with a trainer is fantastic!

I’ve never worked anywhere that’s had a gym for the staff to use, it’s very cool!" – David

Our Team in LA

We’ve got more than enough Superhappy to share, so we’re spreading it all across the world! Come take a peek at our uber cool mini Moose HQ in L.A.

Stress free school holidays

During the holidays, we give kids a special invite to Moose HQ. For them, it’s days of fully supervised activities and adventure. For mum and dad, it’s getting on with work, guilt free!

Our staff

Our team are at the heart of everything we do, based all around the world, they live the Superhappy every day!

Our team in the UK

Based in Cornwall, in 2022 we were selected as one of the best places to work in the UK. Our offices are open plan and collaborative designed with a sense of fun and creativity to help us make the most innovative toys in the world.

Melbourne: One of The World's Most Liveable Cities

We always knew it, but it got made official again this year! Melbourne was named one of the most livable cities of 2022! With thriving culture, the yummiest restaurants and countless serene green spaces, we can’t think of a better place for our flagship office to call home.

Moose Charity Partners

Incredible Charity partners, community initiatives and collaboration are the best ways to keep spreading the Superhappy, especially to those who need it most.

Meet our Charity Partners