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Orchard Toys Match and Spell Game

  • 4+
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11.99 EUR

Develop your children's early reading and spelling skills in this fun word-building game. This spelling game comes with 2 ways to play. Children will enjoy looking and identifying what is in the colorful pictures and building the words as they progress.

The "Match and Spell "game encourages letter recognition, phonetic word building and matching pictures and words in a really fun way that helps children learn! The game features double-sided word boards to extend learning for an easier and more challenging game. In the simple version, players will develop their matching skills by matching letters to letters. As they grow in confidence they will improve upon these skills by using the letter cards to spell the word of the picture.

Match and Spell is perfect for children aged 4 and over and can be played as a single-player activity or multiplayer game.


What's Inside:
  • 12 Double -sided 3-letter word boards
  • 8 Double-sided 4-letter word boards
  • 68 Letter Cards
  • 1 x Instruction Booklet