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Magic Mixies Magic Potion Cauldron Game

  • 4+
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19.99 EUR

Who will make the Mixling magically jump out of the cauldron?! In the Magic Mixies Magic Potion Cauldron Game, you race around the board to collect magical ingredients to put into the cauldron. When you put in the right ingredient, the exclusive Mixling magically leaps out - You win! Fans of Magic Mixies will love playing this game with their friends. Spin the spinner and move your little characters around the board, collecting the matching ingredient pieces. The Magic Potion Cauldron Game is a game of excitement and anticipation. You never know when the Mixling will leap out! An ideal game for 2-4 Players ages 4+.


What's Included:

  • 1 x Cauldron
  • 1 x Exclusive Mixling
  • 4 x Character Movers​​
  • 1 x Game Mat​
  • 1 x Spinner Board​
  • 16 x Potion Ingredients​