Kindi Kids Halloween Costumes are on their way!!!

The cutest, oops, we mean scariest costumes are now available for this Halloween with the launch of Kindi Kids Costumes.

We are delighted to announce in partnership with Spirit Halloween, this fall kids will be able to dress up as their favorite Kindi Kid Doll.

Moose launched Kindi Kids last fall, and the bobblehead dolls quickly became one of the hottest toys of the holiday season with their candy-colored locks, food-themed outfits, and a complimentary Kindi Kids web series that preschoolers are going crazy for. And now, kids can dress up like the Kindi Kids themselves.


There will be four costumes to choose from, based on much-loved characters, Donatine, Marsha Mello, Rainbow Kate, and Summer Peaches. Each costume will include a plush buddy, a makeup kit, and a trick-or-treating bucket. In addition to the costumes, even more, licensed Kindi Kids products are expected to roll out over the next year.

The Halloween costumes will be available in Spirit Halloween locations across the U.S. and Canada, online at, and on Amazon. Now, bring on the candy!

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