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Oven Playset- How To Video

  • Cookeez Makery will amaze you and your child when they bake a surprise plush!

  • Mix the ingredients to make the dough and shape it into a pet using the included mold and tool.

  • The dough goes into the oven and comes out as a warm deliciously scented plush baked friend!

  • There are 3 different Baked Treatz to make - Barky Bun, Ciacatta Bake and Wheatney Bunny. Which plush will your child make?

  • Baked Treatz plush is interactive with sound and reactions! It will even warm up when your child squeezes it!

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Cookeez Collectors Guide

How do I reset my oven/reset the play mode

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You can repeat the play again and again. Please follow the instructions below.

  1. Ensure plush switch is to the ‚ON‘ position and back to ‚Oven‘ position.
  2. Place the plush back into the oven.
  3. Raise oven shelf up until it clicks into position.
  4. Store the toy dough in storage bad provided to extend life.
  5. Go back to bake.

Why is my platform not fully lowering?

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Please ensure that you have removed all of the transit screws. Failure to remove these will prevent the platform from lowering.

Can I purchase refill packs?

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There are no refill packs required for Cookeez Makery. Once you have made the dough, you can use this time and time again to create your character.