Moose Games Announces Nationwide Search for ‘Kangaroo Cleanup Crewmember’ (KCC) for a Day

A search is underway to find an enthusiastic young wildlife explorer to take the role of a Kangaroo Cleanup Crewmember (KCC) for a day, at one of the most popular wildlife conservation parks in the world.

As part of the retail release of its newest kids’ game, Doo Doo Kangaroo, Moose Games—the gaming innovation division of award-winning Moose Toys— is seeking one kangaroo-loving youth (or “joey,” in kangaroo), who will win $5,000 and an all-expense-paid trip to San Diego with their family in late October. In partnership with San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, the lucky KCC will enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime conservation-based learning experience, going behind the scenes with a real wildlife care specialist in the popular Walkabout Australia kangaroo habitat at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.


The start of the month-long contest is timed to the retail release of Moose Games’ highly anticipated kids game, Doo Doo Kangaroo. In this fun (and funny) new skill and action game, players spin a donut spinner to find out how many donuts they need to feed the kangaroo who, conveniently, is sitting on a toilet. When the kangaroo has had too many donuts, he’ll shake and shimmy across the table, releasing donuts or doo doos out of the toilet. Players race to grab donuts as fast as they can, while dodging doo doos. The first to collect five donuts wins!


“While most kids might make their allowance taking their dog for a walk, feeding their fish or cleaning the litter box, Moose is raising the bar and offering one lucky youngster the opportunity of a lifetime: to help pick up kangaroo doo at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park for $5,000. Think of all the donuts you can buy with $5,000,” said David Norman, president, Moose Games. “We couldn’t think of a better, more humorous way to bring Doo Doo Kangaroo to market. Aside from driving obvious awareness to the hilarious gameplay, this initiative allows us to further the narrative surrounding kangaroo conservation and care, which, as an Australian company, is exceptionally meaningful.”

The lucky contest winner will engage in the various daily tasks of a wildlife care specialist. They will learn about how a kangaroo’s doo doo plays a role in conservation (and will help to clean it up). The winner will also observe other important “doo-ties” around the Safari Park, such as wildlife nutrition, record keeping and habitat maintenance. The KCC will see unparalleled wildlife care and conservation science in action, and learn firsthand San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance’s global approach to saving wildlife, and supporting responsible and collaboration to protect the environment. 

To apply for the Moose contest role, applicants ages 5 to 12 must submit a short video/essay introducing themselves and telling—or showing—why they would make the best KCC, and have their parents complete the application form on Within their video/essay, kids can tell/show what they love about kangaroos, describe what they would do if they got to spend a day with a kangaroo care specialist (for example, learn about what kangaroos like to eat, or what their favorite job doo-ties are) or share what they want to learn about kangaroos. Click here to read the full article.