Find Your Beast With Beast Lab!

Inspiring your HERO!

Does your child have what it takes to save the world?
The world is in danger and the only way to protect it is with Beasts!
Conduct an experiment using the Beast Creator to create one of two sharks!
Which shark will be released from the Beast Lab?
Will it be the Havoc Hammerhead or Mayhem Megashark?




Included in the Beast Lab Creator is everything your child needs to create their very own Shark Beast to save the world!
(6x AA Batteries for Playset not included)

Has your child got what it takes to save the world?


The Beast Lab is equipped with 80 + lights & sounds that bring the experiment to life. Is your child ready to experiment to save the world from destruction?


Your child is tasked with the ultimate responsibility of creating their beast, and they will need to add the correct measurements of the key ingredients.

Make sure to add the Pandemonium Crystal because it contains chaotic and destructive energy causing the Beast Creator to sound its warning alarms and build with intensity!


Pull down on the emergency lever to drain the liquid then reveal your beast inside. You will be left amazed as a Shark Beast appears surrounded by a cloud of real „bio mist“. Now it’s time for wild battle action!


The Shark Beasts can activate a swinging power strike attack using their pandemonium weapon and scare away enemies with their ferocious „battle roar“ and light-up power crystal core! But the mission is not over! Reset the Beast Creator then repeat the experiment again and again. The power to save the world rests in your child’s hands with the Beast Lab Shark Beast Creator.

What is Beast Lab?

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At a simplistic level : Beast Lab is a toy playset where children go through a process of adding ingredients, then turning a mock heat dial and placing their finger on a finger scanner. Ultimately they will then pull the emergency lever to reveal a beast inside.

What are the beast species?

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There are 4 Beast Species:

  • Sharks
  • Reptiles
  • Cats
  • Dinosaurs

Why can't I find a specific species?

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6 Beasts can only be found at specific retailers.

For instance, Dinosaurs are only found in Walmart; Cats are only found on Amazon & Reptiles are exclusive to Target.

The 2 Shark beasts can be found in any retailer

What is included in the Beast Lab Playset?

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  • 1 X 8” Beast (electronic action figure)
  • 1 x instruction manual
  • 5 x experiment ingredients
  • 8+ bio mist cycles
  • 1 x playset (Beacon)
  • 1 x mini beaker
  • 1 x weapon

What are the key features of Beast Lab?

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  • 1 of 2 possible beast species to create
  • Science flask w/ drain reveal
  • Electronic power control base unit
  • Thumb print scanner
  • Temperature control dial
  • Emergency release lever
  • Includes enough mist for 8+ playthroughs.
  • 80 + sound effects & lights
  • Electronic & interactive 8” action figure with weapon for hours of battle play!
  • Weapon punch action

I have lost my instruction manual? Where can I find another?

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A copy of all the Beast Lab instruction manuals can be found here

Can I purchase more ingredients and mist refills?

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Mist refills and extra ingredients can be purchased with the refill pack. This pack can be found at any retailer selling Beast Lab.

Can I use my own ingredients?

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Yes, you can also use your own ingredients in the Beast creation process.

I don't want bio mist emitting from the beast creator.

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You can play with the Beast Creator in a „free play mode“. Place the power mode switch into the down position to power on unit then play without bio mist.

Beast creator is playing error sounds and will not let me progress experiment.

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While playing in the creation mode (power mode switch in up position), the unit will require you to follow steps in a specific order. The unit will play an error sound and not allow you to progress until heat dial / chamber are in the correct positions.

Check the following:
– If an error sound is playing while the heat dial is flashing – the heat dial is in the incorrect position; adjust the heat dial until the error sound stops playing. The heat dial is now in the correct position.
– If an error sound is playing while the chamber is flashing – the chamber is not placed properly onto the base. Lift the chamber and place it back on the base, then flip the locking latches to secure chamber to base.

When I place the chamber onto the base, it drains the liquid.

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Check to make sure that the emergency lever is in the up position. If the emergency lever is in the down position when the chamber is placed onto the base, it will engage in the draining function.

Will the mist set off my smoke/fire alarm?

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The mist effect may trigger particle-based smoke detectors. Do not use while in close proximity to any smoke detectors.

Use in a well-ventilated room, and do not use anything other than the approved refill kits to replenish the vegetable glycerin (which is the mist effect).

What is the mist made from/is it safe to inhale?

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When the mist is released to reveal the Beast Lab Action Figure, it will have a significant fog-like effect and may also have a mild odor. Please be assured that it has been extensively tested and has been assessed by multiple independent, certified child-safety specialists ensuring there are no potential health and safety risks.

To generate the mist effect we have used Vegetable Glycerin which is safe for human consumption. It does not contain any animal by-products.

My child has some of the product into their eyes, what can I do?

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In case of accidental eye contact with smoke, flush eyes with water for 10 minutes. Then seek medical attention if irritation persists.

What are the required batteries?

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These batteries are required:
Lab Playset: 6 x AA Batteries (not included)
Beast: 3 x LR44 Batteries (included in the beast)

My Beast Lab isn't draining

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Have you removed the last cable tie that is attached to the grey tube on the side of the cylinder? Failure to remove this will prevent the liquid from draining.

How do I reset and refill the chamber?

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Please hold the chamber upside down and then press and hold the clear refill button which is on the black rim of the cylinder.