The World of Akedo has collided with the wrath of the beasts to create NEW “Beast Strike” warriors to collect and fight with!  From the wildest jungles to the deepest oceans, these warriors have come to battle and release their animal fury against their opponent!  Do you have what it takes to master their beastly fighting styles and become a Legend of Akedo? Ready, Fight, Split Strike!

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Enter the world of Akedo

Akedo Collectors Guide - Download For Your Child!

Akedo Collectors Guide - Series 1

Akedo Collectors Guide - Series 5 & 6

Akedo TMNT Collectors Guide - Series 1

Instruction Manual


Where can I find the collectors guide for the new season?

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You can download the collectors guide on this website:

What are the figures made out of?

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My child can't connect their figure to the controller?

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There are two flat sides which line up – one flat part on the coin and one on the controller. Please line them up to clip the figure on.
There are also arrows on the figures and the controllers that when matched indicate the alignment between the figure and the controller.

Where can I find the Akedo game rules?

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You can download the games rules on this website: