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Deakin All Play

We launched the Deakin Child Study Centre’s research program with a donation of $1million. It’s designed to break down the barriers that limit those 1 in 5 children nationally who are excluded from playing sport due to challenges like autism, ADHD, cerebral palsy, language disorders, intellectual disabilities and genetic conditions.

The Deakin Child Study Centre will collaborate with the Australian Football League (AFL) to undertake this valuable research, assessing if playing sport improves the developmental, physical and mental health of children with those challenges. The research end result will mean coaches and parents have the essential tools they need at their fingertips. Really! An interactive app will help create new ways to make AFL accessible for children with learning difficulties. As ever, we want to go global with this. The study will have a database that’s significant well beyond Aussie borders, including neurobehavioural, genetic, physical, psychological and social measures from Aussie children with a developmental challenge. Our aim is to empower the medical community to prescribe sport and activities like dance to help children with learning difficulties lead a life like any other.

All Play Footy

The Moose Foundation is helping more indigenous children join and enjoy the NAB AFL Auskick together with the AllPlay Footy Program and the NDIS ILC National Readiness Grants. The program taps into the existing love and passion Indigenous communities have for football. It builds awareness around issues that might hinder kids being able to take part, like difficulties in managing emotion, impulses or behaviours.

With a toolkit of ideas and advice, the program builds understanding about these kids, to get them on track to join in with sports. Culturally sensitive information, materials and training is tailored and developed to suit each community.

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Igniting Change

Igniting Change keeps things small and works hard to give a voice to people who don’t have one. Across the country, they invest in the thorny issues often hidden from others, from Alice Springs to Shepparton to Rosebud. On the Mornington Peninsula, together we provide scholarships that help children and families in a tough spot navigate the often treacherous and expensive transition from year 6 to 7. They say that the financial support is a lifesaver, but it’s also the community recognition that empowers children towards a brighter future.

The scholarships have a huge impact on families that might have to choose between food and paying utility bills during the week. They asked one group of parents if they could use more funds. Whilst they said yes, their bigger concern was the other families who could benefit from the lifeline as well; they’re now also involved in the program.

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The Humour Foundation


Moose and The Humour Foundation are a match made in heaven. Just like us, their focus is on the Superhappy by using humour to deliver incredible health benefits.

Clown Doctors work in a unique way with children who are unwell in hospital. They parody the hospital routine so the kids feel less overwhelmed by medical procedures. Oversized medical equipment, 'red-nose' transplants, 'cat' scans, humour checks and funny bone examinations are all part of the show.

As the Principal and Strategic Partner, our support means Clown Doctors in Australia deliver more doses of fun and laughter to more sick kids more often.


Healthy Humor is an arts organization with professional performers who create moments of joy, wonder, laughter and comfort for hospitalized children and all others most in need. Like Moose, they hope for a world transformed by humor, joy and the power of human connection – a world less burdened by pain and fear.

Red Nose Docs uses the magic of healthcare clowning to help alleviate the stress, fear, sadness and isolation of the hospital environment for young patients and caregivers. They might be actors, musicians or magicians who are then specially trained to work in the hospital environment. They use circus and theater skills in teams of two to create spontaneous, joyful encounters, reintroducing play and fun as natural parts of life. They wear minimal makeup and understated costumes while conducting “Clown Rounds” to parody the regimented and sometimes intimidating hospital setting.

Their work redirects the pain and fear of stressful experiences into moments that live with hope and laughter, leaving behind joyful memories that often eclipse trauma and build resilience instead.

The Dream Doctors

The Dream Doctors Project is a unique non-profit organization that trains therapeutic medical clowns (“Dream Doctors”) to work as part of multidisciplinary medical teams, and integrates them into the healthcare staff, in hospitals throughout Israel. Over 100 Dream Doctors are working in 29 hospitals across the country, assisting with 40 different medical procedures, to increase patient wellbeing and promote the efficacy of healthcare delivery for more than 200,000 patients annually.

All Dream Doctors have a rich background in the dramatic arts and undergo intensive training before working in medical centers. Like other professionals in the hospitals, they work during regular hours on scheduled days. The Dream Doctors Project was founded out of the desire to improve the hospital experience for child patients and their families while helping the treatment team make procedures less anxiety-ridden. Our mission is to promote medical clowning as an officially-recognized paramedical profession, so that every hospitalized child will benefit from an encounter with a medical clown.

Monash Children's Hospital

Since we partnered with Monash Children’s Hospital in December 2012, we’re proud to have made a real difference to patients and families. Our Superhappy, imaginative touch is more needed than ever when sick children are going through a difficult time in hospital.

In early 2018, Monash Children’s Hospital opened a new, state of the art 200 bed hospital making it the second biggest paediatric hospital in the country. We sprinkled our Moose magic throughout, creating multiple play areas. There’s an interactive bronze statue when you first arrive and African Safari animals peppered throughout the hospital to help with both navigation and play. For children unable to leave their bed, there’s interactive units so the play can come to them.

Children's Hospital LA

If there’s one thing that fuels CHLA, it’s hope. Children’s Hospital Los Angeles was founded as a not for profit in 1901 and they’ve been building a healthier future for children ever since. Recognised as a leading and top-ranked paediatric hospital in the US, they carry out more than half a million patients visits and 16,800 paediatric surgeries each year.

CHLA also offers one of very few research institutes devoted exclusively to children and a premier teaching hospital too. With the support of the community and partners like us, CHLA continue to support groundbreaking paediatric research and carry out the complex care that critically ill and injured children so badly need.


Save the Children

Moose Toys is one of Save the Children’s most valued philanthropic partners. By providing much needed financial support, Moose Toys has enabled Save the Children to put smiles on the faces of some of the worlds most marginalised children.

Thanks to the generosity of Moose Toys, Save the Children has created better lives for vulnerable children facing the horrors of conflict in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Myanmar, provided urgent humanitarian support to children caught up in natural disasters in Indonesia, Nepal & Vanuatu, treated children suffering from malnutrition in Africa and Yemen and implemented evidence-based programs to close the gap for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in Australia.

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