Giving Back

We don’t just dream of making kids Superhappy, we actually do it. With the help of some inspiring partnerships, we’re working to make a positive difference to children and their communities to help them access to pure power of play.

Moose Toys Foundation

Our unique combination of philanthropy, play and positivity.

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We’re over the moon to buddy up with some out-of-this-world partners to share the Superhappy.

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Community News

When we’re not sharing the Superhappy we’ll start spreadin’ the news. Find out the latest from our ever-growing Moose community.

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Hear from our partners!


“True collaboration requires dedication and time to develop relationships, partnerships, time for ideas to come together, and time for trust and vision to organically develop. The moment this happens is almost like a bolt of electricity streaming through the room, it is truly magic. This has been the AllPlay journey over the past two years. Alone, as researchers, clinicians, business leaders, sitting in silos we can make small steps towards improving the lives of children and their families. But working together, we can make giant steps forward that have a measurable impact on society. Without the generosity of our partners and donors, AllPlay would not be delivering the positive community impact that it is today. So our deepest thanks to Moose Toys for changing lives.”

Nicole Rinehart
Professor of Psychology (Clinical)
Director, Deakin Child Study Centre

Healthy Humor

“We simply could not do what we do without Moose Toys. Their generous support helps our Red Nose Docs reach tens of thousands of children and their families at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). Healthy Humor is proud to be Moose Toy’s exclusive healthcare clowning partner in the United States. We are grateful for their support and look forward to deepening our partnership with them in the coming years so we that can create more magic for more children at what is often the most difficult time of their lives.” 

Dina Paul-Parks
Co-Founder and CEO
Healthy Humor, Inc.

The Humour Foundation

“Moose and The Humour Foundation share a unique relationship. Both truly believe their reason for being is to make children happy!
The Clown Doctors & Moose first met in 2010 and since then have become firm friends bringing fun and laughter to sick children in 24 hospital around Australia. Their enduring partnership is shown by their mutual understanding, trust and respect for each other and love for the children they help daily.
Moose’s generous support has enabled the Clown Doctors to expand their visits in hospitals in Australian suburban areas, Rural and Remote regions and to Indigenous Communities to demonstrate that ‘Laughter is the Best Medicine.’
The Clown Doctors are proud to have a partner like Moose who demonstrates constant commitment to the principals of Clown Doctoring by international support of programs in Israel, the USA and Australia.”

Tony Warner
CEO, The Humour Foundation

Monash Children’s Hospital

“The generosity of Moose Toys has made an incredible difference to, not only patients and their families at Monash Children’s Hospital, but also to visitors and staff. As one of our biggest supporters Moose has helped promote healing and well-being through the sharing of moments of joy. We are very grateful for the ongoing partnership and the difference that partnership will continue to make for children and their families while they fight for better health.”

Ron Fairchild
Director Monash Health Foundation

Dream Doctors

“The Dream Doctors Project began in in 2002 with the aim of empowering hospitalized children during their most difficult moments. Our mission is to help every child find their strength and smile again, even when it hurts. During our journey we had the privilege of meeting The Moose Toys Family, who had the exact same agenda! Immediately we became one big family, working hard every day to put the children in the centre of their treatment, by supporting professional training for medical clowns and increasing their presence in the hospitals.

What Moose knows how to do best is take a project one step further, and a fantastic example of this was opening the Dream Doctors Humanitarian Fund to support our disaster reliefs missions abroad. Because of the generous sponsorship of the Moose Foundation, we are able to work in disaster zones all over the world and provide a special intervention for children that allows them to better deal with their trauma.

Moose Toys also saw the importance of building an evidence base for the medical clowns’ work and supported the establishment of Dream Doctors’ research fund.”

Tsour Shriqui
Director, Dream Doctors

Save the Children Australia

“Moose Toys and Save the Children have a shared vision – to achieve immediate and lasting change in the lives of children. Moose Toys is an ever-reliable donor, especially in times of crisis. This enables to deliver immediate impact on the grounds to children, literally saving lives. Without the generosity and responsiveness of Moose Toys, children caught in crisis around the world would be manifestly worse off.”

Paul Ronalds
CEO, Save the Children Australia

Igniting Change

“It is an absolute joy working with Moose Toys – to listen without judging, to work with people not give to them and to make children happy”

Jane Tewson
CBE, Igniting Change

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