Community Partnerships

Moose Toys exists to “Make children happy”! All over the world, Moose has developed partnerships with organisations who share our vision and who work to make a positive difference to the lives of children and their communities.  

Deakin All Play

Moose has donated $1million to launch the Deakin Child Study Centre’s research program, designed to break down the barriers that limit 1 in 5 children nationally who are affected by challenges, such as autism, ADHD, cerebral palsy, language disorders, intellectual disabilities, and genetic conditions that may mean they are excluded from playing sport. 

The Deakin Child Study Centre in collaboration with the Australian Football League (AFL) will undertake this research to determine if playing sport improves the developmental, physical and mental health of children with developmental challenges.

The end result of this research will ensure coaches and parents are given the tools at their fingertips via an interactive app to implement new ways of making AFL accessible for a child with a learning difficulty. The research study will also guarantee an internationally significant database that includes neurobehavioural, genetic, physical, psychological and social measures from the Australian population of children with a developmental challenge. This will then empower the medical community to prescribe sport and other forms of activities such as dance to help children with learning difficulties assimilate.

The AllPlay BETTAFooty Program

The AllPlay BETTAFooty Program, funded by the Moose Foundation and the NDIS through the Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) National Readiness Grants, builds on the up and running Deakin University AllPlay Footy program to enable more indigenous children to participate in NAB AFL Auskick and enjoy its benefits.

Lots of Indigenous communities love football and we want to tap into that passion to build awareness in communities of the difficulty faced by kids in managing their emotions, impulses and behaviours, which can stop them from joining in with  group activities like playing footy.

The AllPlay BETTAFooty program is a toolkit of ideas and advice to help build understanding about children who find it hard joining in and playing sport. It is tailored to make sure that the materials, information and training are culturally sensitive and developed to suit each community.​


Moose Toys fosters a culture of innovation and is always looking for the next big idea! As such, Moose is proud to be the Ignite sponsor for The Kidpreneur Challenge - an entrepreneurship business-building competition run for young entrepreneurs. 

In late 2016, 30 primary school students from around Australia were named as ‘Kidpreneurs of the Year’. The winning kidpreneurs travelled to Melbourne during Global Entrepreneurship Week, to spend a day as ‘Kidpreneurs-in-Residence’, getting a behind-the-scenes look at Moose Toys. 

During the interactive, hands-on experience the kidpreneurs learned important skills such as product development, packaging and merchandising.

Monash Children's Hospital

The relationship between Moose Toys and Monash Children’s Hospital began in December 2012 and, since that day Moose has made a real difference enabling patients and their families to have imaginative and joyful experiences during their hospital stay. This is a significantly special gift for sick children and their families at a time that might otherwise be very difficult.

In April this year, Monash Children’s Hospital opened a new, state of the art 200 bed hospital making it the second biggest paediatric hospital in the country. With the support of Moose, the hospital features multiple play areas from the interactive bronze statue when you first arrive, to African Safari animals peppered throughout the hospital as way points and play equipment. The support extends to children’s rooms who are unable to leave their bed with interactive units that allow entertainment to come to them.

Watch this space as Moose and Monash Children’s Hospital launch their most amazing collaboration early in 2018.