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Poppy Sprinkles

Poppy Sprinkles loves to have fun with friends, always bringing sweet smiles to the party! Full of laughs and giggles, you'll find this llama dancing in pajamas until the morning light!

Favorite Treat: Marshmallow Macaroons
Favorite Game: Musical Sleeping Bags!

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Gemmi Jamma

It's always a fun time with Gemmi Jamma! This lively llama loves to light up the room with slumber party games and silly stories. Making you laugh is what Gemmi does best!

Favorite Treat: Choc Dipped Cherries
Favorite Game: Pillow Forts!

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Hoof loves taking other Bubble Drops for a ride. You can't find a safer pony because Hoof uses its bubble as an airbag! So even if they fall off they will always have a soft landing!

Favorite Pastime: Playing polo.

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Alax the Seal has always wanted to join the circus and be in a balancing act, but sadly never had the skills. But when Alax blows a bubble it looks like they are balancing a bubble on their nose!

Favorite Pastime: Being sealy with friends!

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Phew loves perfume. To make sure they are smelling sweet, Phew takes a perfume bath every day! In fact this Bubble Drop has created their own perfume range. It's called Bubble Drop Dream Delight!

Favorite Pastime: Stopping to smell the roses

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Other squirrels are jealous of Nuts because of this Bubble Drop's awesome bubble powers! By blowing a bubble this squirrel can get to the highest nuts in the tree that other squirrels cannot reach!
Favorite Pastime: Nut collecting!

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Magie the Unicorn loves blowing glitter bubbles. It helps this Pikmi float up to get to the top of rainbows. Just don't pop that bubble with your beautiful horn when you're up there!

Favorite Pastime: Cloud painting!

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Puff loves flying but doesn't like exercise. Instead of flapping, they prefer to blow a bubble and just float about the sky letting the wind move them along - It's the only way to fly!

Favorite Pastime: Flying in their sleep!

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Ocho is an amazing soccer player. With eight legs it is very hard to get the ball off this octopus. If there is no ball - no problem… Ocho just blows out a bubble and it's game on!

Favorite Pastime: Practicing soccer trick shots!

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Hoo the Owl is a very wise Bubble Drop. This bird has a lot to say and is not just full of hot air! Although that would help when blowing bubbles! Hoo also likes telling jokes and is a hoot to be with!

Favorite Pastime: Being a wise guy!!

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Wobb the Penguin can tell the future by blowing a bubble and looking into it like a crystal ball. But Wobb never tells others what lies ahead just in case it bursts their bubble!

Favorite Pastime: Ice skating!

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Coldie the Polar Bear stands out in the snow because of their rainbow colored coat. Coldie loves having snowball fights with friends. The bubbles this bear blows turn into snowballs as soon as they pop out and are perfect for throwing!

Favorite Pastime: Carving icebergs.

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Bobble the Narwhal loves playing "Bobble Pop" with best friend Magie the Unicorn. Between them they have to pass a bubble to each other without popping it with their horn! It's a game that ends with a bang!

Favorite Pastime: Practicing "Bubble Pop"

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Scales love to travel. This Bubble Drop has swum around the planet three times. But Scales never gets homesick because wherever this fish goes it take a bit of it's home with the them. Just look inside their glittery bubble!

Favorite Pastime: Snorkeling!

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Shep is always falling asleep in the strangest places because this Bubble Drop keeps counting itself in the mirror. Plus Shep's bubble makes the most comfortable pillow around!

Favorite Pastime: Taking a snooze!

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Swing dreams of traveling the world and swinging from famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty. It would be a vacation that would have many tales to tell about tails!

Favorite Pastime: Swinging and singing!

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Gouda the Mouse loves pizza, especially cheesy ones! But it's grilled cheese that is this mouse's favorite. Those cheese bubbles that go golden brown can't be beaten! They are almost as good as the ones that come out of Gouda's mouth!

Favorite Pastime: Cheese juggling!

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Beaker the Chicken never stays in one place for long because there is always a road to cross! This Pikmi gets a little confused - when they blow a bubble they think they've laid an egg!

Favorite Pastime: Hatching up new ideas!

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There is nothing this cow loves more than singing. Dubble is always on stage mooing out her favorite songs. There is nothing like a bit of Cowaoke!

Favorite Pastime: Writing County & Western songs!

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Popdog is a real risk taker! When blowing bubbles this doggy tries to blow the biggest bubbles possible before they burst. This sometimes ends up in very sticky situations.
Favorite Pastime: Washing their fur!

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Buster the Dog has always wanted to fly. This Pikmi's plan is to blow the biggest bubble they can and float into the sky. But Buster usually runs out of puff before leaving the ground!

Favorite Pastime: Chasing planes!

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There is always a bubble at the end of Bello's trunk. This elephant loves taking long bubble baths and turning the bathtub into a bubbly spa by sticking it's trunk under the water and blowing!

Favorite Pastime: Relaxing in the bath tub!

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Bagette has a big sweet tooth and is always searching for candy. In fact this Bubble Drop's favorite thing is candy dipped in honey. It's a sweet treat that's hard to beat!
Favorite Pastime: Cooking with candy

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Toof the Bunny is full of bounce. That's why you will always see Toof on the basketball court. When this bunny isn't shooting hoops, they are blowing bubbles that glitter like a 24 karat ring! Hmmmm... Carrots!

Favorite Pastime: Dunking bubbles!

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Pounce is a big ball of fun because this Bubble Drop thinks it is a dog! Pounce loves chasing cars and burying bone but their favorite thing is fetching bubbles!

Favorite Pastime: Going for walks in the park and chasing bubbles!

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Popcat's best friends are birds, and now that they have taught her to fly with a bubble she can go wherever the birds go! Popcat just has to learn how to perch on branches and this bird-cat will be complete!

Favorite Pastime: Swimming in birdbaths.

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Luna is the cheeky little mouse with a bright sense of humour! You might find Luna hiding amongst the stars, waiting to scamper out and surprise you!

Favorite Pastime: Playing Hide and glow-seek!

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Rae is the shy little bunny who you'll find hiding behind long ears! With a scratch or a tickle, Rae's inner happiness turns into an outer glow!

Favorite Pastime: Hopping from cloud to cloud!

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Hushy is the most cuddly bear in all the galaxy! So soft and with a glow so bright, you may confuse hushy with a cloud of cosmic dust!

Favorite Pastime: Cuddles and exploring the outer universe!

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Paw Paw

Paw Paw is a little cutie who’s extra sweet and fruity! This sun loving pup loves to chill with a fruity gelato pupsicle!
Favorite Treat: Gelato Pupsicle
Favorite Pastime: Sunbaking in the clouds

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This Pikmi Flip is a very hoppy gardener. Tippy has built a system of burrows in the backyard and created a rooftop garden that has the best strawberry patch in town!
Favorite Treat: Strawberry cream Easter eggs!
Favorite Pastime: Flower picking and arranging

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With an inner glow that's totally magical, Wishes will brighten up any day. This Jelly Dream is happiest when floating somewhere over the "Rainglow"!

Favorite Pastime: Making shadow puppets!

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Glint is the fun loving pup who glows from the inside when hanging out with you! You could say this Jelly Dream is very "Light-hearted".

Favorite Pastime: Joking around!

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Twinx is the purrrfect friend. You can always count on Twinx's inner glow to brighten up your day and night!
The feeling you get is just "Glow Amazing"!

Favorite Pastime: Shining on the dance floor!

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Eddie is a little puppy inside a big dog's body! Full of bounce and as fluffy as a cloud, this giant Pikmi Flip can't wait to give you a great big lick!

Favorite Treat: Fluffy snow bones!
Favorite Pastime: Chasing clouds

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Feebee is a big softie who loves to finish the day with a hot chocolate and a marshmallow. Afterwards this Pikmi Flip takes a long bath. Washing has never been so sweet!
Favorite Treat: Marshmallows with hot chocolate!
Favorite Pastime: Getting pampered and having a makeover!

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Jessie loves to run around playing games. To cool off this Pikmi likes to share a cold lemon gelato with friends

Favorite Treat: Lemon gelato
Favorite Pastime: Flipping out with friends.

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Keeki is a cat who never gives up. This Pikmi Flip just keeps trying until they reach their sweet goal. Once this cat gets their claws into something, they don't let go!
Favorite Treat: Marshmallows and CATchup!
Favorite Pastime: Knitting mittens for kittens with balls of wool

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Super sized and Catastic, Kessie loves to care for smaller Pikmis by snuggling up and reading them bedtime stories!

Favorite Treat: Chocolate coated sardines
Favorite Pastime: Being Purrrfect!

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Sneaky but sweet, Snoot enjoys pulling pranks on other Pikmi Flips by rolling up behind them and popping out when they least expect it.
Favorite Treat: Blueberry muffins
Favorite Pastime: Giggling!

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Tuff the Bunny is a super good listener because this Pikmi Flip has the perfect ears to hear with. If you have a problem or a secret to share, this bunny is the one to tell.
Favorite Treat: Carrot Gelato
Favorite Pastime: Listening to music

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Nothing makes this bunny happier than finding bows in the wild, especially if they're growing next to strawberry fields!
Favorite Treat: Strawberry salad!
Favorite Pastime: Bow collecting

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Cinnabun is full of fluffy fun! Bigger than the average bunny and with ears longer than arms, Cinnabun can't wait to give you a 'Big Ear' hug!
Favorite Treat: Cinnamon carrots!
Favorite Pastime: Having Hoppy Holidays!

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Mops is often mistaken for a fluffy cushion and is constantly being sat on by other Pikmis. It's not until Mops' little head appears that they know it's another Pikmi Flip.
Favorite Treat: Strawberry Shortcake!
Favorite Pastime: Sleeping on the couch

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Nickle loves show jumping. This Pikmi Flip is very light on their feet. On windy days Nickle can be blown up into the air for miles. But it's always a soft landing.
Favorite Treat: Marshmallows and hay
Favorite Pastime: Giving pony rides

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Rarely seen, friends love finding Noodle! With a magical horn this fluffy unicorn loves to spread luck and happiness!
Favorite Treat: Chocolate rainbows
Favorite Pastime: Playing hide and seek

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This little pug give the fluffiest hugs. Pollo is always popping out of holes especially for a pineapple flavored bone!
Favorite Treat: Pineapple Pugsicles
Favorite Pastime: Walkies!

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From pom pom to Pomeranian in one quick flip, Pompie will perform for you as long as you keep feeding this Pikmi Flip Pumpkin Pie.
Favorite Treat: Pumpkins made into pies!
Favorite Pastime: Carving Jack O'Lanterns and eating pumpkin

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Bailey is a big softy who loves to knit woolen socks with pom poms for friends. Then this Pikmi Flip likes to finish the day with a hot chocolate and marshmallows.
Favorite Treat: Marshmallow mushrooms!
Favorite Pastime: Counting sheep and falling asleep

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Blankie the Bear loves to share - especially when it come to donuts. A good friend to have around, Blankie will keep you warm even on the coldest nights!
Favorite Treat: Hot Frosted Donuts!
Favorite Pastime: Reading a book in bed

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Dojo is a real beach bunny. Collecting coconuts to make coconut cream pie is what this Pikmi Flip likes to do. It makes this bunny extra hoppy!
Favorite Treat: Coconut Cream Pie
Favorite Pastime: Floating in the sea

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Mittens is a kitten who's fluffier than her favorite donuts. She is the purrrfect Pikmi Flip who knows you just can't get enough fluff!
Favorite Treat: Fluffy frosted donuts
Favorite Pastime: Surprising Mice!

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Everything is upside down in Wubbs hangout! But that’s OK It’s always so dark Wubbs never knows which way is up anyway! It’s a “Bump and Go” kinda life!
Favorite Treat: Caramel Tacos
Favorite Pastime: Hanging about in caves!

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Tuku the Penguin always feels cold and the best way to keep warm is a big hug! That’s why you’ll always find this Pikmi Pop snuggling with friends!
Favorite Treat: Blueberry Juice Jelly
Favorite Pastime: Painting with watercolors

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Tumbles loves to bark and woof! Running, jumping and tumbling all around the garden is so much fun!
Favorite Treat: Chocolate Pudding!
Favorite Pastime: Chilling out with their pal Miska

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Tweezle is a kitty who’s easy to spot! Even when the sun goes down you can tell where Tweezle is by following her berry fruity scent!
Favorite Treat: Raspberry Muffins
Favorite Pastime: Taking cat naps!

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The smiliest shark you will ever meet, Voom makes friends fast. How could you resist a grin like that? Always quick with a joke, Voom has a sharp wit and even sharper teeth!
Favorite Treat: Mint Choc Chip Cupcakes
Favorite Pastime: Surprising swimmers with a smile!

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Wawa the Seal loves to swim and shake, in every sea, river and lake! If Wawa's your friend, consider that a seal of approval!
Favorite Treat: Grape Shakes
Favorite Pastime: Swimming with friends.

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Squirl the Caterpillar is always hungry. It’s amazing what this Pikimi Pop can do with a bowl of blueberries! Squirl’s cocoon is one of the most popular restaurants in Pikmi Pop Land. It’s called “The Berry Hungry Caterpillar!”
Favorite Treat: Blueberry Spaghetti
Favorite Pastime: Eating of coarse!

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Tambo prefers balloning with bubblegum rather that flapping her wings. This star-beaming bird catches everyone's eye as she floats by!
Favorite Treat:
Bubblegum birdseed!
Favorite Pastime: Parrotoke!

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Tickles the Octopus can high-five eight friends at the same time which is lucky because Boop is a “berry” popular octopus!
Favorite Treat: Raspberry Ripple Surprise!
Favorite Pastime: Arm wrestling 8 Pikmi Pops at a time!

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Tiki the cow is a smooth mooover and love to shake it up on the dance floor! When the music’s finished it’s time serve up some after-party grape milkshakes!
Favorite Treat: Great Grape Milkshakes!
Favorite Pastime: Dancing to Moosic!

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Toogy loves chasing anything that moves and sniffing out chocolate. This little pup always helps to chip in when there’s chocolate to be found!
Favorite Treat: Choc Chip Dog Biscuits
Favorite Pastime: Tail chasing!

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Picki the Parrot is a high flyer who loves performing acrobatics. Risky and rad, this bird attracts a crowd. There’s always a surprise or two in the show!
Favorite Treat: Fruit Salad Sandwiches
Favorite Pastime: Creating new fruit juice combos!

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Pingle the Hedgehog really sticks out from the crowd! Shy but super sweet, Pingle rolls up into a ball when anyone pops by!
Favorite Treat: Caramel Crunch Candy
Favorite Pastime: Playing pinball

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Selby the Sloth has plenty of time for everyone! With hugs that last for ages, Pikmi Pops rush to get in line for one. They are certainly worth the wait!
Favorite Treat: Blueberry Muffins
Favorite Pastime: Racing snails

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Smory has a heart for art! This creative pup is always surprising friends by making sweet art from the tastiest treats. It’s art that’s good enough to eat!
Favorite Treat: Vanilla Marshmallow Sundae
Favorite Pastime: Being a Sweet-art to friends.

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With a sparkling personality, Squeaks the Mouse comes out at night to brighten up everyone in sight! Squeaks’ a little mouse who’s a big star!
Favorite Treat: Chocolate Chips!
Favorite Pastime: Karaoke competitions

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Neno the Owl is wiser than most with an answer to any question. It may not be the right answer but at least it will give you a giggle!
Favorite Treat: Banana muffins
Favorite Pastime: Reading joke books

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When Numble is not snoozing she’s jumping out from trees to give surprise hugs! Numble’s squeezes are designed to please!
Favorite Treat: Caramel Cream Smoothie
Favorite Pastime: Surprise Selfies

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Ollie the Bear sleeps on a bubble gum mattress. It's so comfortable until it starts to pop!
Favorite Treat: Bubble Gum and honey sandwiches.
Favorite Pastime: Bear back riding!

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“Beware of the bubblegum monkey!” Ooky’s a cheeky little thing who loves to swing and surprise you by popping bubblegum bubbles when you least expect it!
Favorite Treat: Bubblegum Burgers
Favorite Pastime: Listening to “POP” music!

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Pichi love surprising others by popping out of the holes she digs! Pichi's favorite color is blue. She likes it so much she even smells blue!
Favorite Treat: Blueberry Bones!
Favorite Pastime: Digging for Blueberry Bones!

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The coolest kitten in town, Miska loves hanging out with Miska's buddy Tumbles! Sweet like Raspberries, Miska loves chasing pieces of string and reflections on the wall
Favorite Treat: Caramel Donuts!
Favorite Pastime: Running around with Tumbles!

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Mooli the Crab is full of silliness and has the softest claws you will ever feel! These arms are made for hugging not pinching!
Favorite Treat: Watermelon Popsicles!
Favorite Pastime: Building Sandcastles

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Moosh the Kitten loves highland dancing. She has the fastest moving paws in the land.
Favorite Treat: Marshmallow Muffins
Favorite Pastime: Playing Hop Scotch.

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Super friendly, Mumpy can hear her besties coming from miles away! Always up for a hug she love to wrap her ears around you!
Favorite Treat: Marshmallow Carrots!
Favorite Pastime: Just mellowing out!

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A bear who's always there, Naz has a heart of gold and never complains, even when she has to assist Fez in one of his lame magic tricks!
Favorite Treat: Honeycomb Marshmallows!
Favorite Pastime: Pikmi Pop Picnics!

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Juju the Giraffe is a risk taker who sticks their neck out to surprise someone! Not the tallest Pikmi Pop out there but others still look up to Juju for inspiration!
Favorite Treat: Caramel Crunch Cookies
Favorite Pastime: Knitting long scarves!

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This Pikmi Pop’s head is always full of fresh ideas to make life more fun! Kaz lives in the only watermelon tree in Pikmi Pop Land. It’s a great place for a growing imagination!
Favorite Treat: Watermelon Waffles
Favorite Pastime: Watermelon carving!

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Kimie is a cool cat who’s a sweet treat to be with! Choc full of love to share, this cat is the purrfect pop to pick!
Favorite Treat: Mint Choc-Chip Ice Cream
Favorite Pastime: Washing their whiskers!

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Leroy loves bananas so much he's starting to become one! Howver his scent is very a-peeling!
Favorite Treat: Banana flavoured ANYTHING!!
Favorite Pastime: Banana skin skating!

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You will only ever see Middy after dark! She hosts the best slumber parties and is always the last one to fall asleep!
Favorite Treat: Watermelon waffles
Favorite Pastime: Star gazing!

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Guggles the Clown Fish is always surprising the Pikmi Pops and making them laugh! If they don’t laugh at Guggle’s jokes then it’s time for a tickle attack!
Favorite Treat: Marshmallow Thick-shakes
Favorite Pastime: Clowning around!

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Hobnob is one helpful Hamster. Happy to bend over backwards for you, Hobnob also loves to have fun and go a little crazy!
Favorite Treat: Banana Bagels
Favorite Pastime: Practicing the Hamster dance!

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A born comedian, Hoodoo makes everyone laugh. A tree swinging giggle factory, when he starts cracking up all the Pikmi Pops follow!
Favorite Treat: Bubblegunm Banana Sundeas.
Favorite Pastime: Joking around with Tambo!

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Always hoppy and extra floppy, Huddy’s big ears can hear all the other Pikmi Pops secrets. But don’t worry Huddy’s lips are sealed “berry” tight!
Favorite Treat: Blueberry Smoothies.
Favorite Pastime: Listening to Hip Hoppy Music!

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Ickle loves to talk and squawk and has a good word for everyone! This little parrot even talks in their sleep. If you have a message to send this is the bird to call!
Favorite Treat: Grape Salad
Favorite Pastime: Talking, talking and talking!

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A colorful kitty who's always merry when she's eating raspberries. She leaves ripe red paw prints all over the place. • Favorite Treat:
Rapberries and sardines.
Favorite Pastime: Picking Raspberries!

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Trickin' 'n' prankin' is what Fez does best! Full of surprses, Fez is always popping out of top hats and disapearing without a trace.
Favorite Treat: Vanilla Bean Buritos
Favorite Pastime: Hanging out with Naz the Bear. Hanging about in caves!

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Flit the Butterfly is attracted to anything shiny and pretty and gets into a flap searching for surprises and gifts for friends! When this butterfly flutters by its a sign that your are in for a treat!
Favorite Treat: Grape Shakes
Favorite Pastime: Cocoon Decorating.

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Folly the Bunny's home is always a "Hoppening Place!" With Berry long ears that are perfect to listen to the latest Pikmi Pop-tunes, Folly is a bunny ears of experience behind her!
Favorite Treat: Blueberry Shakes!
Favorite Pastime: Lisetning to other's secrets!

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Like a mini lawn mower Gizmit the Guinea Pig is always hunting around to the sweetest grass to eat! Come over for lunch one day and share a hay-burger
Favorite Treat: Caramel Creams
Favorite Pastime: Having Sweeeet Dreams!

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Chata the Parrot is always on the phone talking to her friends. If want the gossip going around Pikmi Pop Land just ask Chata.
Favorite Treat: Raspberry seed salad.
Favorite Pastime: Talking, chatting, speaking and having conversations!

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Cloppy the Pony gives rides to other Pikmi Pops when they are tired. They hold on tight to Cloppy’s ears because it’s always a surprisingly bumpy ride!
Favorite Treat: Paradise Popsicles
Favorite Pastime: Plaiting ponytails for friends.

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Dollop always looks like the cat that got the cream. She always has her tartan hankachief to keep her whiskers clean.
Favorite Treat: Grapes with cream!
Favorite Pastime: Playing the bagpipes.

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Ebby the Bunny can bounce around like a bubble! She just has to be careful she doesn't pop and end up in a sticky situation!
Favorite Treat: Bubblegum Breakfasts!
Favorite Pastime: Bubble juggling

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Espi is a big softie who loves keeping you toastie warm with big hugs and a cup of vanilla cocoa! It makes Espi one yappy happy Pikmi Pop!
Favorite Treat: Marshmallows and Vanilla Cocoa
Favorite Pastime: Toasting Marshmallows!

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Akwa the Narwhal makes magic happen! This Pikmi Pop’s loves blowing bubbles and then popping them with its horn. It’s the best fun you can have with gum!
Favorite Treat: A Bubblegum Breakfast
Favorite Pastime: Hanging out with Unicorns

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Asha has ups and downs like everyone else. When you need someone to talk to Asha is the one to pick - All ears and a great listener!
Favorite Treat: Peppermint Pie
Favorite Pastime: Hip Hop dancing

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Beeps the Owl is wiser than most with an answer to any question. It may not be the right answer but at least it will give you a giggle!
Favorite Treat: Banana muffins
Favorite Pastime: Reading joke books

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Bibble the Lamb is super creative and likes to surprise her friends by knitting amazing gifts for using her soft wool!
Favorite Treat: Marshmallow Pudding
Favorite Pastime: Yarn Bombing

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Bubbles is surprisingly talented. Blowing bubbles under water and then juggling them. It’s one tricky underwater trick!
Favorite Treat: Bubblegum Buns
Favorite Pastime: Taking bubble baths

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