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Treasure X Dino Gold Dino Dissection- Battle Rex

  • 5+
Recommended Retail Price

$40.00 AUD

Introducing the ULTIMATE Treasure X Dino Gold adventure - The Battle Rex Dino Dissection! Part Dino, part machine, the EPIC Mega Sized mechanical T-Rex has been captured in a Golden Cage, but inside the Dinosaur, is a trapped Treasure Hunter!

Will your child be able to save him? There are 16 Levels of Adventure for kids to explore!

Kids will dissect the Dino's belly and discover a key, the EXCLUSIVE Hunter, and launchers to add to their Battle Dino!

There is even a surprise for kids to discover in its tail! The Dino has done a prehistoric poop! Take the dagger and smash the poop's outer layer to discover the Treasure inside an amber vessel. Use the X-Key to open the vessel and reveal the Treasure!

Will your child find a Prehistoric pest or the REAL Gold Meteor?

There is a one in eight chance of finding REAL Gold dipped Treasure! Now your child can go into battle and launch an attack with their exclusive Hunter on his Battle Rex Dino!

What's Inside:

  • 1 x Large character with accessories
  • 1 x Small character with accessories
  • 1 x Treasure
  • 2 x Tool
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 26 g (0.917 OZ) Ooze