Pikmi Pops item 75191

Style Series Mega Pack

  • 5+
Pikmi Pops are the big lollipops filled with cute plushies and so many sweet surprises for you!Introducing new Pikmi Pops Style Series - a cute surprise that you can wear! This season the Pikmis come with a comfortable elastic band so that you can wear them! Slide your favorite Pikmis on your fingers, clip them onto your jacket or hang them off your bag!This Mega Pack includes 7 sweet scented plush and 7 surprises. There are 2 exclusive Pikmis in each pack. Feeling lucky? You might unbox a bonus light-up DigiWatch!*There are 3 assorted Mega Packs to collect: Coconut, Marshmallow and Frosted Donut.Don't pick one, pick a lot - and unwrap the cute surprises in your Pikmi Pops!*DigiWatches are available in 1 in every 24 Mega Packs.
What’s Inside:
  • 7 x Scented Plush
  • 7 x Dangler Strings
  • 7 x Surprise Messages
  • 7 x Surprise Items
  • 1 x Collector's Guide

$50.00 AUD

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