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Dream Seekers – Zara

  • 5+
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Zara the Dream Seeker is your magical friend who wants to share her dreams and inspire you to follow yours. This magical looking fairy with her sweet outfit and posable long arms and legs will become your best friend because she has similar hopes and dreams. Zara sits in her Dreamy Moon Packaging which has a special place for you to write your very own Dreams. Your Dream Seeker will keep your dream safe and wish for it to come true.

Zara is simply true to herself! A free spirit, she believes and dreams that everyone has the freedom to be their own kind of beautiful. Her magical outfit reflects this in its delicate floral design and butterfly motifs. Her layered purple skirt has a light flower and leaf pattern, perfect for attracting the butterflies she adores.

Her skirt is removable along with her gorgeous matching purple heels with butterfly straps. With her beautiful holographic butterfly wings, this Dream Seeker can soar as free as her spirit! Zara has delicately rooted, gorgeous long violet hair and individually designed hair ribbons with butterfly clips. she loves having her hair brushed and styled. Zara's face is highly detailed and full of expression with huge adorable eyes!

On every Dream Seeker's wrist you will find their beautiful and unique "Dream Mark". Their "Dream Mark" represents the Doll's personality and the dream that they seek! Her fabric body and long arms and legs can be easily posed so that you can display your magical Dream Seeker on their own Dreamy Moon Packaging.

There are three other charming Dream Seeker Dolls to discover - Bella, Luna and Hope! Create an enchanting display in your room! Follow your Dreams today with a special friend!


What's Inside:
  • 1 x Plush Doll (Includes Hair, Wings, Hair Accessories)
  • 1 x Set of Shoes
  • 1 x Soft Goods Skirt
  • 3 x Hair Clips
  • 1 x Hair Comb