The Magic Starts Here: New Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron

Our latest spellbinding toy is literally magic! Introducing Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron a fizzing,
foaming spectacle that’s set to ignite the imaginations of little witches and wizards everywhere – by
revealing a fluffy pet friend to call your own.
Simply mix the enchanted ingredients into a magic potion – some fluffy feathers and sparkles for the
eyes – and with a wave of your wand (and the magic words “Magicus Mixus”) the cauldron will
create a misting, mystical spell and ta-da! your adorable new Mixie creature appears! Now your
Mixie friend is ready for more magic: lighting up and interacting with your wand in ways that have to
be seen to be believed. But that’s not the final act! With make-your-own potions and mists you can
continue to create showstopping magic so the fantastical fun never ends. What sorcery is this?
To celebrate the launch, we joined forces with Emmy and Tony Award winning actor and author of
the New York Times’ bestseller The Magical Misfits, Neil Patrick Harris, to be our magician’s
sidekick. Charmed, I’m sure! “Magic has been a passion for me since I was a child. Magic sparks
imagination and allows for endless creativity, and it’s been important to me that my kids experience
magic in their lives.”
Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron, $69.99 and Spells Refill Pack, $9.99 are available online and