Dear Parent / Care-giver,

The ‘Magic Mixies: Magic Cauldron’ and ‘Magic Mixies: Crystal Ball’ includes a fog-making feature in order to recreate a “magical misty” interaction with the toy. This experience is designed to create a magical-feeling product reveal to discover the hidden Magic Mixie. We appreciate that some parents may be concerned regarding the potential health and safety considerations of providing a fog-producing toy directly to children for play, and this letter will address these concerns before your child interacts with our product.

To generate the misty, fog effect we use a heating coil to heat a material known as “VG”, or Vegetable Glycerin. As the name suggests, it is derived from natural plant materials. VG has been used in food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and toy products for more than 100 years and is safe for human consumption, including via inhalation from fog-machines. The vegetable-derived source may emit a mild odor as it is heated.

To validate the VG we use in our product we have engaged multiple independent, certified child-specialist toxicologists to assess the VG and ensure there are no potential health and safety risks. They have certified the product as safe.

VG has been commonly used in fog-machines for many years, and there is no evidence of VG contributing to respiratory problems. However, you and your child will have a deep understanding regarding their particular sensitivities. If your child has severe asthma or other respiratory issues you may elect to forego the fog-making function out of an abundance of caution.

If you have any concerns regarding this product we recommend that owners of the Magic Mixies: Magic Cauldron can change the cauldron switch to “spell mode”, which allows playing with the cauldron without the fog effect. Note that you will need to manually remove the character from the cauldron since the reveal feature is not enabled in “spell mode”. To access the character, simply follow the instructions in the ‘Emptying Your Cauldron’ section of Instruction Manual on page 9 to find out how to remove the base, and then pull the character loose.

The Magic Mixies: Crystal Ball does not have a play-mode to disable the ‘mist’ fog-making function.

If you have any questions or required further information please contact our Customer Support team at

We hope you and your child enjoy the very special, very magical experience with your Magic Mixies product.