Goo Goo Galaxy Goo Goo Galaxy

Crashing to Earth from a gooey galaxy far away are the squishy, jiggly Goo Drops! Lost and stranded far from their home stars, each little Goo Drop is waiting to be rescued by a Goo loving Earthling – just like you!

Meet the Goo Drops Meet the Goo Drops


It’s Me – Astra Nommy! My friends all know I’m shy and sweet, always looking for tasty treats to eat! I’ve travelled the galaxy looking for the prefect sweet dish, but nothing’s as good as a doughnut from Earth – so delish! A meal with friends is the best way to eat, so I love to share my desserts with everyone I meet! Filled with sweet sprinkly sparkles from Pludough my homes tar, I know you’ll love goo as much as I do!

Passport Number: 036912
Planet Code: PLU
Surname: Nommy
First Name: Astra
Planet of Origin: Pludough
Date of Birth: 17th OF GOOPRIL
Eye Color: Sweet strawberry glaze!
Height: 2 Doughnuts

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It’s Me – Yumi Unicorn!
With my head in the clouds, I’m always dreaming of goo! But I’ll come back to Earth with just on squish from you! I sometimes forget where I’ve put my space-pod keys, but I’ll always remember to give my friends a hug and a squeeze! Filled with mystical glitter from Mystico my home star, I know you’ll love goo as much as I do.

Passport Number: 091827
Planet Code: MYS
Surname: Unicorn
First Name: Yumi
Planet of Origin: Mystico
Date of Birth: 2nd OF GOOVEMBER
Eye Color: Magical Rainbows!
Height: 1 HOOF

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It’s me – Luna Laguna!
Always looking for fun across the galaxy, if you need an adventure just call me! I love swimming through stars and watching meteor showers, I can play hide-and-goo-seek for hours and hours! I love to explore and make new friends – when we’re together the fun never ends! Filled with swirling starry speckles from Splashus my home star, I know you’ll love goo as much as I do!

Passport Number: 235711
Planet Code: SPL
Surname: Laguna
First Name: Luna
Planet of Origin: Splashus
Date of Birth: 20th OF GOOTOBER
Eye Color: Sunset on a lagoon!
Height: 4 Clams

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It’s Me – Stella Skygems!
When I zoom through the stars, bright idea’s fill my mind. I love inventing new things from the stuff that I find! Sometimes my schemes don’t go to plan…but I can count on my friends to lend me a hand! So if you’re ever stuck and don’t know what to do, I’ll come up with a way to help you! Filled with crystal shards from Crystellar my home star, I know you’ll love goo as much as I do!

Planet Code: CRS
Surname: Skygems
First Name: Stella
Planet of Origin: Crystellar
Date of Birth: 21st Of Gouary
Eye Color: A Winter’s Sky!
Height: 2 Geodes

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108424M_S02_GGGS1_Goo-to-Go's Illustrations-01

Shoot for the moon!

108424M_S02_GGGS1_Goo-to-Go's Illustrations-02

You’re a real star!

108424M_S02_GGGS1_Goo-to-Go's Illustrations-03

Follow your dreams!

108424M_S02_GGGS1_Goo-to-Go's Illustrations-04

You’re out of this world!


108424M_S03GGGS1_Space Image-01

? F.A.QS ? ? F.A.QS ?

What is the Goo-to-Go?

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The Goo-to-Go is a D.I.Y Galactic Slime Activity that the Goo Drops have brought with them from their Galaxy! There are 4 types of Goo-to-Go’s and each Goo-to-Go type represents a message from your Goo Drop to you!

How do you make the Goo-to-Go?

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The Goo-to-Go step by step instructions are in the InterGOOlactic Passport (if they don’t have it, feel free to send a digital copy).

1. Add Slime Crystals
2. Add water to line, stir and let sit for 15 – 30 minutes
3. Add Cosmic Cloud
4. Add more water (slowly a tablespoon at a time) and watch your Cosmic Cloud grow
5. Top with star shine
6. Hang & display

Please note Galactic Slime is not suitable for consumption. Do not eat!

Can I take the slime out, play with it and put it back into the Goo-to-Go?

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You can take the Goo-to-Go Slime out of the Goo-to-Go Cup and play with it, however, once you mix the slime with the Cosmic Cloud and Star Shine, the Goo-to-Go will lose it’s desired look. The intended play of the Goo-to-Go is to display it with your Goo Drop.

Goo Goo Galaxy How To Video

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