Get ready for Elemental Battle Action! Introducing the Legends of Akedo Powerstorm! The Powerstorm has boosted each Akedo warrior by one of six elements: Earth, Fire, Water, Light, Shadow & Lightning.

Enter The Akedo Powerstorm!


The Ultimate Arcade Warriors!

Mini Battling Action Figures with Next Level intensity!

All the extreme moves of arcade fighting games has leapt off the screen and into your hands for some REAL battling action! Choose the Warrior, battle with fury and finish them with a Split Strike! – GAME OVER!

Kids can take on and challenge their friends as they battle to become the Ultimate Arcade Warrior.


Akedo Collectors Guide (Season 3) - Download Now!

Akedo Collectors Guide - Download Now!

Akedo Instruction Manual (Season 3) - Download Now!

Akedo Instruction Manual - Download Now!