Moose Toys Company Values

At Moose, we truly believe in One company, One culture. Our values are the essence of our identity – our DNA – ‘The Moose Way’. They are our guiding principles that underpin everything we do – both internally and externally. They are the behaviors and actions that define the way we operate, they help guide our decisions and achieve our vision. It is what makes Moose… well, Moose!

We’re a family, who is Outrageously playful, with Wild imagination.

We're a Family

  • We demonstrate kindness as a part of the Moose Family – Treating others the way we want to be treated. We’re all about welcoming your wacky, weird and wonderful self at work!
  • Moosies pride themselves on taking personal responsibility for their actions and outcomes, always acting ethically, professionally, sustainably and with a smile.
  • We know there is no ‘I’ in team and are committed to hitting team goals way out of the park.
  • We’ve got each other’s backs – we support each other with no politics or personal agendas.

Outrageously Playful

  • All Moosies use play to stimulate thinking and innovation – applying learning across all initiatives.
  • We think outside the toy box to keep things super fun
  • We consistently give 100% to put the punch in our products and services.
  • We keep our energy up so there’s a great buzz around the place all the time – helping to foster great ideas and ensuring strong productivity.

Wild Imagination

  • We’re prepared to share the kooky and the creative in brainstorming sessions, to bring the best Moose to Market.
  • Moosies put heart and soul into innovating and delivering the best toys ever, with the future of our planet and communities in mind.
  • We elicit infectious enthusiasm, are non-judgmental, value diversity of thinking and the benefits this brings, and are open to all WOW ideas.
  • We keep on trend and across new technologies and sustainable so we can bring this knowledge to the playroom.

Living the 'WOW' every day....

Celebrating the Moose values

Who doesn't love a photo booth with props?! Our team in Hong Kong certainly does. Seriously, Moosies really do live and breathe the values every day. They are embedded in everything we do.

Supporting each other and great causes...

When teammates are helping raise awareness, like Movember for Men's health issues, everyone gets involved and supports each other. Although, we have a feeling 1 or 2 of these mustaches might not be real....

Celebrating each other

Gratitude Day - Taking the time to thank our colleagues and be grateful for each other.

Team Building and Development

We are always finding fun and practical ways to help accelerate your potential. Everyone brings something important to the team and we value diversity in all aspects.

Macmillan Morning Tea

Each Moose office has a Community team, working with local and regional charities, all who have the same mission to make kids happy and allow them to be kids, no matter their circumstance.

Philanthropy is deeply rooted in the Moose Culture.

The Moose Happy Kids Foundation is extremely important to all Moosies. We fundamentally believe in giving back to the community.

Celebrating ALL the wins... BIG and small

We love celebrating Moosies 5 year anniversaries. Being able to acknowledge and thank them for their continued hard work and dedication.

Harmony Day

Celebrating the rich and diverse culture that is Moose, we loved celebrating Harmony Day. All Moosies brought in a dish from their heritage and we sat down and enjoyed it together.

Crazy Hat Day...

Yes, we embrace all the holidays including Crazy Hat Day.. Why? Why Not? It's fun, it's playful and shows that Moosies always up for being outrageously playful.

Women's Health Week.

Celebrating Women's Health Week with special events throughout the week. From a morning tea, Lunch & Learn guest speakers, and capped off with a team walk around the park.

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you...

Birthdays are always a big deal.. the cake is even BIGGER!

Just another day in the office...

Jokes... This is Halloween at Moose. We take dressing up VERY seriously. It's always fun to see how much effort everyone puts in.