Our Family

Heads of our Moosie Family. This is the family who created the Superhappy! See below to learn more about Manny, Jacqui and Paul and their passion for making kids around the world smile.


Chairman / Co-Owner

Manny is the Moose-honest proof of what integrity, innovation, and ambition get you in business. He’s never been one to take life for granted and has been compelled to share his Superhappy success ever since.

Manny took the helm at Moose Toys in 2000 after previously founding Skansen Giftware. With his leadership, Moose has whizzed up to ranking as one of the top ten toy companies in the US and Australia in just 15 years.

Don’t just take our word for it. Manny earned the accolade of being Australian Entrepreneur of the Year in 2015 and then World Entrepreneur of the Year in 2016.


Co-Owner / Creative - Girls

Jacqui became a Moosie in 1999 and aren’t we superhappy she did? She’s kept us different, kept us disruptive and helped us stand out across the globe.

Jacqui’s talents aren’t just limited to coming up with the world’s biggest collectible crazes. She’s the inspiration behind some of our biggest craft trends and with her magic touch, our Little Live brand zoomed to dizzy heights.

Her incredible talents have impressed many an award panel too. In 2015, she won Inventor of the Year at the Women in Toys awards in New York. To read more about Jacqui’s 2015 win please click here.



Paul always has his eye on the next trend. He keeps this Moose on its toes… or hooves. Paul prepared for the fast-paced, trend based world of toys by starting his career in fashion. He joined Moose Toys in 2001 to head up our Sales and Marketing and has played an integral role in Moose’s stratospheric, super fast expansion.

Creative to his core, Paul is inspired by unique ideas. This kind of thinking gives him a knack for tapping into the next big play pattern before it’s even crossed other toy companies’ minds.

Click here to read more about Paul discussing the success of Moose Toys.

Our Leaders

The Dream Team. Learn a bit more about our inspiring leaders who are trailblazing the way at Moose Toys!


Chief Marketing Officer

Meet Belinda, our marketing moostermind. She can spot the next big trend a mile away and creates needs that you never even knew you needed. A true wow-maker, she has a passion for making kids around the world superhappy – through her work with the Moose Happy Kids Foundation has helped put smiles on the dials of over four million children globally.
Before her big Moose move eight years ago, she had a lustrous career spanning manufacturing, retail and brand marketing. Now, it’s her superstar team of over 50 marketing magicians that have her jumping out of bed in the morning with their endless lightbulb moments and out-of-the-(toy)-box thinking.


Chief People Officer

Kate’s a real people person, and our Chief People Officer. As you might’ve guessed, we think our culture is super amazing here at Moose and it’s Kate we’ve got to thank for that.

Kate embeds the WOW in everything we do, from employee relations to recruitment to rewards and recognition. We’ve got a gold standard for innovation here, so Kate’s wellness and training initiatives are always Moosic to our ears. A mum of two Moose-toy lovers, Kate’s own fave toy is a superhero action figure. Which is funny, because we fully believe she’s a superhero too.


Chief Product Officer

When passion, technical skill and a challenger mindset combine, you’ve found yourself a talented triple threat. Or, a Joost. With his hawk’s eye for detail, Joost started out with us in 2001 as a Product Designer, and now leads a global team of 70+ as our Chief Product Officer.

Joost has an innate knack for problem-solving. His commitment and leadership turns difficulty into opportunity. He might be working with our fab engineering team, or spending time with his awesome family, but one thing’s for sure, he’ll give it 210%. To turn a business into a powerhouse, we can highly recommend a ‘Joost Boost’.


Chief Commercial Officer

Ronnie’s love for business strategy started as an undergrad in Georgetown, USA. Since then he’s worked in marketing and general management roles for big-hitters like Nike, Mattel, Pepsi and Spin Master. Now Ronnie bats for Moose Toys as our Chief Commercial Officer, and we’re predicting sixes, home runs and all kinds of ace.

We’re thrilled to welcome Ronnie  from sunny California to sunny-ish Melbourne. Hope you packed a brolly though, Ronnie. When he’s not hanging with his twin toddlers and wife, he’ll look to quickly adopt a footy team and set the expat record for the most meat pies consumed in a 12-month period.

Ben Dart

Chief Operating Officer

Moose only has one speed setting: full steam ahead. Luckily with Ben as our Chief Operating Officer, we can power into international markets and pivot with cheetah-like agility. Projects that take some people years take Ben a mere matter of months. Thanks to his brave leadership, we stay bang on target while striving for even better.

With a background in finance and operations, Ben has pushed Moose’s growth on the global stage. From our supply chain to technology support, he runs a tight ship with our major project operations. No matter the weather, it’s always smooth sailing with Ben at the helm.


Chief Financial Officer

With this Moose-on-a-mission there’s never a dull moment for Daniel. His business strategy is ever-evolving and always-improving. There’s nothing like super speedy global growth to keep you on your toes, right Daniel?

Unsurprisingly, Daniel loves a challenge. He manages our complex international group structure and makes it look like an absolute doddle. When he moved from Argentina to Australia, he took the culture clash in his stride. He’d even say it was ‘too easy’. But while Daniel’s a fearless leader at work, his real competitive edge comes out when he swims, cycles or plays tennis. Leisure centres, beware.


General Manger Moose Far East

Meet Ranki, she’s been in the biz for over 30 years, and it’s safe to say there’s not many who know more about toys. She’s a veritable encyclopedia of toys – she lives toys, breathes toys, EATS… whoa…she eats food, like an ordinary human. But that’s about the only ordinary thing about Ranki, and thank the toy-gods for that! As our General Manager of Moose Far East, she’s as curious as they come… Ever seen a kid discovering something for the first time? That’s Ranki. Her uber-curious mind = discovering, touching, pulling apart, putting back together, creating, playing, listening, smelling and soaking it all up as she goes.

You won’t be surprised to hear Ranki is also a
natural born creative. Innovating this way! New ideas that way! Creativity that goes for miles and keeps our product development team on the tippy top of their toes. It’s fitting
that her teenage sons call her the “fun mom”, because we’re never short of the fun-stuff when Ranki’s in the house

Some of our Superhappy team

Come and meet the Moose Toys team! Get to know the gang around the globe and the amazing diverse roles that work together to make the Superhappy happen.
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Sales and Marketing

When we need to get someplace, fast, we put Emily in the driver’s seat. Our Europe Sales and Marketing Director has, ahem, been the driving force behind stratospheric Moose success across the continent. She’s a powerhouse of energy and industry knowledge, with enough drive (couldn’t help ourselves) to constantly outwit and outperform the competition. We’ve been lucky enough to have Emily on board the Moosie train for 16 years now. With her in-depth European knowledge, Emily’s unbeatable combo of commercial nous, strategic experience, and branding expertise gets our toys in the excitable, expectant hands of kids across the pond.


Research and Development

To discover the full potential of play, you have to do some serious digging. James heads up our Research and Development department with the energy of a toy tightly wound to full capacity. Looking into children’s behavioral development, market trends, and new technologies, James is an expert at uncovering new and exciting ideas to grow the business. He’s so good at these investigations, his real name could be James Bond. We’re not at liberty to comment further at this time. After hours, you’ll find him sea kayaking around his local coastline or looking after his two children, Rainbow crab, and Leopard gecko.


Product Design

‘What job do you want to do when you grow up?’ It’s a fair question. But for Senior Creative Product Designer Tahlia, her dream job didn’t require her to grow up at all. This self-proclaimed ‘big kid’ has wow-ed us again and again over the last 10 years, not least thanks to her love of cartoons and toy collecting. From toy design to storytelling, art direction to branding, Tahlia is an expert on bringing the wildest and wackiest ideas to life. With a well-earned rep as the captain of the craziest desk in the office, Tahlia works amidst a kaleidoscopic explosion of colour, toys and dolls. And she’s a whirlwind of inspiration as a result.



Say hello to Rowen. Don’t be shy, he doesn’t bite. He’s our Senior Design Director on the Little Live Pets brand,  who’s been with us for eight years. Feels like a millisecond, right Rowen? With a background in Industrial Design and a huge passion for innovative ideation, Rowen’s now got the mammoth task of making kids say WOW even louder every time they open one of our toys. We know, we’re going to get a noise complaint from the council soon.

Every day he lets his thoughts wander into the untouched wilderness and makes sure his team does the same. Armed with only a big vision and healthy supply of coffee, they’ll high jump any hurdle in their way to make our toys as innovative and Moose-alicious as possible.



You know how sometimes you wish you were just that bit more brainy? Yeah, Emily doesn’t have to dream. She’s our Exports Operations Manager who makes sure everything runs smooth as silk when we’re shipping our toys left, right and centre across the world.

Waiting even another second for that WOW can feel like a year, which is why Emily makes sure all our excitable customers are as Superhappy as can be. A true Moosie through and through, her fave thing about working for Moose is the people. Naww, that makes us blush!


Graphic Design

Fernsie (only the Queen calls him David) is our Graphic Designer and artist in residence. He’s part of the furniture at Moose and that guy we’ll always count on to never take things too seriously. You’ll either find him crafting logos, artwork and WOW worthy packs, or admiring the heap of robots on his desk with equal enthusiasm.

Luckily for us, Fernsie isn’t precious about his mega-awesome work. Our Superhappy kids rip it off as quickly and eagerly as possible.

There’s one special shout out Fernsie would want to give. For unwavering support. For having his back through the craziest global launches. Coffee. Couldn’t’ve done it without you.



When you distribute toys to over 100 countries, you need someone to set the pace. We found our person. Kelly is our Operations and Logistics Manager who could solve any problem upside-down underwater.

Kelly keeps our customers Superhappy by delivering new Moose toys whenever the excitement reaches fever pitch (erm, so round the clock). With her knack for troubleshooting and incredibly efficient planning, we know we’re in safe hands.

Our Kelly is a bit of a chameleon too. She certainly isn’t shy of rolling up her sleeves. From Accounts to Warehouse, she’ll slot into whatever role is needed to get the job done.


Public Relations

Whenever a Moose toy launches, we turn the volume up to MAX thanks to Global PR and Partnerships Manager, Eva. You’d never guess she’s a team of one from the almighty impact she makes.

Eva works with media and influencers peppered all over the world so that kids in even the furthest remote corners get to share the Superhappy. With our commitment to the best products and culture we try to make it easy for Eva to show off on our behalf.

In classic Moosie style, Eva knows how to make Monday feel like Saturday. With her eagle eye for detail, the events she puts on will go down in history as the Best Shindigs Ever.


Graphic Design

Sahil has an imagination that can’t be tamed. This creative Digital Marketing Designer conjures up the most magical work without lifting a finger. Ok, he does lift a finger. But seriously, his digital designs have the kind of WOW that keeps us way ahead of the innovation pack. With his eye-popping visuals, it’s no wonder our Moose brands are kinda impossible to forget.

When you’ve got so many outside-the-square thinkers, it’s important to keep a team on the same page, which is where Sahil’s brand identity bibles come in handy. When he’s not safeguarding our brands like a true hero, you’ll find him heavily involved in our Moosie team culture.



Julie is a TV star. No, not that kind. The creative, behind-the-scenes kind. Julie is our Creative Lead for TV, making ads that have kids craving their next Superhappy discovery. When she’s not in the writer’s room brainstorming scripts she might be on shoot (glamorous) or creating storyboards and briefing crew (less glamorous).

Last year, Julie’s small team created the same amount of ads as a large ad agency. That’s what we call muscle! There aren’t many teams who get to have business meetings about slime, unicorns and aliens, mind you.



Joe’s our Director Marketing, Global (Licensing) and US and one of our go-to guys for global marketing. That’s right, his influence touches all corners of the globe. Impressive. When it comes to toys going to market, there ain’t no stopping him. When he’s not equipping his team with the tools they need, he’s devising genius strategies and marketing assets to WOW whoever sees them.

Working in a competitive industry doesn’t bother Joe. If anything it fuels him to do better. When no two days are the same in his world, it’s the people and the pace that keep him energized and ready for anything.