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Say hello to Rowen. Don’t be shy, he doesn’t bite. He’s our Innovation Director who’s been with us for eight years. Feels like a millisecond, right Rowen? With a background in Industrial Design and a huge passion for innovative ideation, Rowen’s now got the mammoth task of making kids say WOW even louder every time they open one of our toys. We know, we’re going to get a noise complaint from the council soon.

Every day he lets his thoughts wander into the untouched wilderness and makes sure his team does the same. Armed with only a big vision and healthy supply of coffee, they’ll high jump any hurdle in their way to make our toys as innovative and Moose-alicious as possible.



You know how sometimes you wish you were just that bit more brainy? Yeah, Emily doesn’t have to dream. She’s our Exports Operations Manager who makes sure everything runs smooth as silk when we’re shipping our toys left, right and centre across the world.

Waiting even another second for that WOW can feel like a year, which is why Emily makes sure all our excitable customers are as Superhappy as can be. A true Moosie through and through, her fave thing about working for Moose is the people. Naww, that makes us blush!


People and Culture

This is Kate. She’s a real people person. Seriously – she loves them so much that General Manager of People and Culture is her actual job. As you might’ve guessed, we think our culture is super amazing here at Moose and it’s Kate we’ve got to thank for that.

Our Superhappy mission is an ambitious one, but with Kate’s problem solving and drive, we’re giving more kids that WOW moment every day. Our unstoppable energy means we’re never done improving, so Kate’s wellness and training initiatives are Moosic to our ears. Her fave toy is a superhero action figure, which is funny, cos we fully believe she’s a superhero too.


Graphic Design

Fernsie (only the Queen calls him David) is our Graphic Designer and artist in residence. He’s part of the furniture at Moose and that guy we’ll always count on to never take things too seriously. You’ll either find him crafting logos, artwork and WOW worthy packs, or admiring the heap of robots on his desk with equal enthusiasm.

Luckily for us, Fernsie isn’t precious about his mega-awesome work. Our Superhappy kids rip it off as quickly and eagerly as possible.

There’s one special shout out Fernsie would want to give. For unwavering support. For having his back through the craziest global launches. Coffee. Couldn’t’ve done it without you.



When you distribute toys to over 100 countries, you need someone to set the pace. We found our person. Kelly is our Operations and Logistics Manager who could solve any problem upside-down underwater.

Kelly keeps our customers Superhappy by delivering new Moose toys whenever the excitement reaches fever pitch (erm, so round the clock). With her knack for troubleshooting and incredibly efficient planning, we know we’re in safe hands.

Our Kelly is a bit of a chameleon too. She certainly isn’t shy of rolling up her sleeves. From Accounts to Warehouse, she’ll slot into whatever role is needed to get the job done.


Public Relations

Whenever a Moose toy launches, we turn the volume up to MAX thanks to Global PR and Partnerships Manager, Eva. You’d never guess she’s a team of one from the almighty impact she makes.

Eva works with media and influencers peppered all over the world so that kids in even the furthest remote corners get to share the Superhappy. With our commitment to the best products and culture we try to make it easy for Eva to show off on our behalf.

In classic Moosie style, Eva knows how to make Monday feel like Saturday. With her eagle eye for detail, the events she puts on will go down in history as the Best Shindigs Ever.



Where do we begin with this firecracker? Our Director of Licensing Acquisitions and Entertainment Partnerships certainly has a license to thrill.

When she’s not gaming with her team, she’s helping us break into the big bad world  of entertainment. She makes sure our content  is up to scratch, talks her way into things (and talks her way out of things).

Just when she gets a moment’s break at lunch, she’ll lace up her runners and head to the gym for a full mind-body workout. Or she’d be studying  for her multiple (!) Masters degrees. This one’s got more energy than soda, seriously.


Graphic Design

Sahil has an imagination that can’t be tamed. This creative Digital Marketing Designer conjures up the most magical work without lifting a finger. Ok, he does lift a finger. But seriously, his digital designs have the kind of WOW that keeps us way ahead of the innovation pack. With his eye-popping visuals, it’s no wonder our Moose brands are kinda impossible to forget.

When you’ve got so many outside-the-square thinkers, it’s important to keep a team on the same page, which is where Sahil’s brand identity bibles come in handy. When he’s not safeguarding our brands like a true hero, you’ll find him heavily involved in our Moosie team culture.



Julie is a TV star. No, not that kind. The creative, behind-the-scenes kind. Julie is our Creative Lead for TV, making ads that have kids craving their next Superhappy discovery. When she’s not in the writer’s room brainstorming scripts she might be on shoot (glamorous) or creating storyboards and briefing crew (less glamorous).

Last year, Julie’s small team created the same amount of ads as a large ad agency. That’s what we call muscle! There aren’t many teams who get to have business meetings about slime, unicorns and aliens, mind you.



Joe’s our Senior Brand Manager and one of our go-to guys for global marketing. That’s right, his influence touches all corners of the globe. Impressive. When it comes to toys going to market, there ain’t no stopping him. When he’s not equipping his team with the tools they need, he’s devising genius strategies and marketing assets to WOW whoever sees them.

Working in a competitive industry doesn’t bother Joe. If anything it fuels him to do better. When no two days are the same in his world, it’s the people and the pace that keep him energised and ready for anything.



Kotomi’s all about the (stop) collaborate and listen. As our Director of Global Marketing for girls, she works with our creative teams to develop WOW worthy toys and jaw-dropping marketing. We’re talking ads, entertainment, music and more. Kotomi’s imagination is the limit, so it really could be anything.

A self-confessed Shopkins fanatic, Kotomi’s team works alongside the Product and Packaging teams to create brands set to be the next big thing. Kotomi then puts her shark tank skills to the test to pitch them to retailers and distributors. After all that, it’s time to check in on how her brands are tracking then check out for a well-deserved candy break.

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