Twozies Fun Two-gether Two Cool Ice Cream Cart

TwoziesTM   ITEM 57015



Twozies love to play two-gether and the coolest place to play is the Two Cool Ice Cream Cart. Watch the Twozies ride side by side in their Two-Cool Ice Cream Cart and serve up a scoop load of fun! Slide out the chairs for the pets to share, and two cool storage places for your ice cream. This playset comes with two cute babies and two cute cow pets. The Ice Cream  cart sits in a cute Shadow box that you can display on your shelf or attached to a wall!  These two pairs just love to share because “Everything’s better… Two-gether!”    


  • 2 x Exclusive Babies
  • 2 x Exclusive Pets
  • 1 x Ice Cream Cart with accessories
  • 1 x Medium Shadow Box
  • 2 x Pattern Cards