The Moose Foundation

Through the Moose Foundation, Moose Enterprise strives to extend its mission of making children happy in the wider community through philanthropic initiatives that positively make a difference to the lives and well-being of children less fortunate.



We are a key financial contributor to The Humour Foundation. The Humour Foundation is dedicated to making thousands of sick children smile with the involvement of Clown Doctors that spend their weeks visiting hospitals to spread the joy and ignite laughter. After all, laughter is the best medicine.

Our Involvement in the Community

Berry Street Foundation

In 2014, Moose partnered with Berry Street to hold the first inaugural kids charity event and named the day The Green Antler Day. The aim of the day was for kids and adults alike to take part in lots of fun activities and raise money for Berry Street who do an amazing job working with children, young people and families since 1877. The day was a great success and the money raised was donated towards Berry Street annual foster care camps. 

Monash Children's Hospital

Since 2013 Moose have partnered with Monash Children’s Hospital delivering a range of initiatives to bring smiles to the faces of critically ill children and their families. Along with play days and product donations, a major initiative of 2014 was to fund the build of the new Oncology room. Designed by Moose, the Oncology room provides a dedicated space for children and families during treatment sessions.  

Save the Children Appeal Nepal

The devastating earthquake in Nepal on April 25th, 2015 left approximately 3.2 million children in need of humanitarian assistance and it is estimated that 140,000 children have been left homeless. Moose has donated $50,000 to the Save the Children Appeal to aid in the purchase of crucial and potentially life-saving essential items. Find out more about this worthy charity at

Charity Marathons

Never afraid of a bit of hard work, Moosies regular undertake individual fundraising initiatives. One such initiative saw a keen group of employees strap on their running shoes and pound the pavement to raise money for kids in need.